Jan 24, 2012

So CNY is done.. What next?

We all look out for festivals on our calendar with so much excitement for the upcoming holidays so that we could take a break and unwind especially if it isn't our own celebration. Along with public holidays come school breaks and don't get me wrong but I really love holidays although somehow I'm kinda feeling tired with the cycle of it.

There's always something we need to do next and what is it all for?

We wake up and then have breakfast, then clean up and prepare lunch, then clean up and eat that lunch, clean up again and then probably, if your lucky you get to take a nap, then you prepare tea, and clean up, and then you go for walk in the park, mingle with some neighbours, then get home, set dinner, eat and clean up again, and then you watch some repeats on the telly and head of to bed to restart the entire cycle again and again. (this chronology obviously did not list out, bathing, shitting, doing the laundry, folding the laundry, and yes.. Attending to the kids!!)

Sometimes I feel like I've hit the brick wall and my repeats are the times I bounce off of it!

So yes, CNY has just finished and now back to routines... Hitting the wall and bouncing back only to head it again.

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