Mar 29, 2012

Can you show me the direction to Feng Shui..

I always believed Feng Shui made a lot of people spend a lot of money altering the things around them in order to bring in the right energy to attain peace and prosperity, but after reading this particular book by Sara Porter on Simplified Feng Shui for Interior, Health, Wealth and Happiness, my perception of what I believe Feng Shui should be was reaffirmed.

She addresses the principals and tools in Feng Shui in regards to relationships and your home by simple, almost cost free methods to drawing a healthy Chi energy within one self and those around as she explains the elements responsible in adding this attraction.

One very distinct point that captured my utmost attention was how to avoid bad chi by taking arguments outside the home. Not just your arguments with your family members, but the arguments that outsiders, extended family members, or visitors bring to battle using your home. Your home, your house - is your sanctuary! It is the space where you take control of the good and bad chi that lingers in it. If someone walks into your home with a bad chi in them, they will naturally extend it to those around them and when signs of this are exhibited, take charge and block out that bad energy that can disrupt the peace in your own home. If others come into your abode to battle their fights, ask them to leave!

The other thing that got my attention (actually the entire book was great but I'm only emphasising on a few pointers) was cleanliness. The way you keep your house, says about the conditions in your being. This must be another form of languaging if you've read my previous post. If you live in a clutter, your internal being is also living in a clutter. If you feel like life is choking you, declutter the space around you and this will assist you in decluttering your life. That includes decluttering the people that are hindering you from attaining good chi.

Children! Unconditional love is the first and foremost need for them. Placing conditions on who they are and not accepting them for their unique way of being in the world will damage their inner self which in turn will adversely affect their personal chi energy. Make time for play with them to unwind and have fun together. Include music in your relationship with them.

This are just a few I want to write about that truly cost nothing to help flow in the good chi. There are many tools to promote good energy but I believe the greatest tools are within us, our intelligence, our intuition, our logic and common sense, our passion, love and warmth and our sense of respect for ourselves and those around us! The physical tools would be your brain and your heart! You could breakdown an entire house, to rebuild it to the angles and directions of Fung Shui, spend a million dollars on a water feature on eastern side of your house or a gold chandelier in the southwest direction of your home, place wind chimes, bakuas or gold coins at the northern positions, you could just about do anything your wallet permits you, but if you fail to realign your thoughts, your character and your perseptions, you become nothing more than a rich idiot who's value for life is limited to the value of his buck!

A man living in an empty shack could have more good chi than a man who lives in restructured multimillion dollar house.

To me, everything starts from within and not the other way around. Feng Shui - the system of arranging a person's life and living space to optimise and harness the flow of positive energy STARTS WITHIN YOU!

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