Mar 22, 2012

Itchy Itchy Chickenpox

So far this month of March has been about enduring the itchiest virus and the first to get it was my CJ which subsequently got passed on to Belle and now my littlest one of all AJ who seems to be the one hit by the VZ virus the worst of all.
They have missed school, swimming, tuitions and gymnastics so that they won't have to spread it to others.

Anyway.. I wish to say thank you to all those who sent their well wishes to me, who constantly kept in touch to know if my kids were coping well or not, who offered their help and to those who climbed up the neem tree at Taman Kanagapuram so that my children can be treated.
God helped us through all of you.
A million thank you is not enough, but I hope you would accept it for now.
Love you all.

The book below was bought many years ago and it came to practical use this month.. Kiddos enjoy reading it as it made them laugh while it educated them on Chickenpox.

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