Mar 28, 2012

Languaging Via Fashion

This is a new thing I've learnt - LANGUAGING. Somehow the more I read into it, it doesn't seem so new after all but rather SEMIOLOGY in a modern light.

Shohamy in her book Language Policy - "Expanding Language" clearly states how language users have the flexibility and freedom to use language as they see fit. She also examines the expansion of language through multi-modal representations known as LANGUAGING. How language spreads beyond words and other linguistic markers such as food, clothes and fashion, architecture, visual and image and even numbers.

So how powerful is LANGUAGING through clothes and fashion as a linguistic marker?

We all know fashion is an expression of ones self. The way you dress says a lot about you. Historically we've seen men and women dress to show their status in wealth and power, in feminist moves, in sexual representations and simple modesties or as a form of resistance.

So much story is revealed in ones clothing about themselves. It has transcended from portraying power and wealth to being the transmitter of moods, emotions, profession, identity and ideologies. If you're feeling vibrant and energetic, you'd choose the outfit that shows that and if you're sick and tired of routines, HELL! You'd appear to work in your Pajamas if you could! It's your freedom to choose although this freedom has its limitations and boundaries that helps control peace and balance in the society we live in.

So is it safe to say, you are who you dress? You silently speak out to those around you through your wardrobe and that's the linguistic approach when LANGUAGING through clothes and fashion come to action - your clothes do the non verbal communication for you.

I guess then if you're feeling extravagant today, it wouldnt hurt to dress like Cleopatra, right? Humm! Then again I wonder how Lady Gaga feels on a day to day basis. LOL!

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