Apr 18, 2012

Children See.. Children Do!

I’m a big believer of this tag line - Children See.. Children Do!
The way a child behaves in public, or privately or within the close unit of his or her family, is the reflection of the older ones especially the parents at home.

Today over morning coffee with a good friend, X, this topic was our major discussion.
Reason for this was because another friend of ours D, is currently giving a cold treatment to X over an apparently innocent issue which happened at X’s daughter’s birthday party. According to X, D’s daughter was screaming for X’s daughter to only play with her at the party but the birthday girl was being a polite hostess, multi tasked instead. 2 months later and with no more play dates arranged by D, D’s daughter meets X’s daughter at  a restaurant and with arms on waist, screamed at X’s daughter, WHY DID YOU IGNORE ME AT YOUR PARTY?

X finally realized why the play dates got cancelled and took it upon herself to advice her daughter never to ignore D’s daughter again.

Well my advice to X was to ditch that girl and tell her kid it’s not her fault at all! Especially since D’s daughter was being unreasonably selfish and irritating to demand such attention and whats worst is that D was next to her daughter all along at that party. Knowing D at a not so personal level, but enough experience to judge her mothering - she always thinks her daughter has to have it her way!
I mean there’s only that much of attention an 8 year old can give to each and every one invited and it is not the responsibility of X’s daughter to feed D’s daughter’s impatient superior attitude!

What’s worst is that D did not hush her daughter for saying such a thing aloud (not surprising to me!), it seemed like she almost wanted X to hear it - well: mission accomplished!

Yes kids are kids, but they do what they’ve learnt from somewhere.. and it becomes the parent’s responsibility to correct them. Innocently some can speak their mind and sound like a complete mini bitch, and when mother’s don’t advice such kids to watch their manners, they turn into mega bitches in the future! Sorry for my language.. but seriously, parents who think their child should be given the freedom of speech and adore the boldness of their kids will someday have it coming their way!

Not everything can be brushed off as cute, and innocent. You don’t stop them now, they won’t be able to tell the difference when they are older, unless someone bolder comes and slaps them for it!

So is there a point where parents get to sit back and watch and not be responsible for what their child does?

I guess NOT..

Our children are like plants..

You plant them as seeds, water them, fertilize them, adjust their bending patterns with a stick and a string, and make them grow in a condition to withstand harsh weather and loose soil.

Screw up one step.. and you might just have to dump the entire plant into the bin.

So the upbringing of a child is a very serious issue!

Not one that you should psycho over, but pay attention and discipline when you really need to. No one is expecting for a military parenting, if you get my point!

But firstly, if the parents themselves are such people.. the question that follows will be.. what else can you expect of their child, cause Children See.. Children Do! RIGHT?

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