May 25, 2012

A Way For A Will

If there is a will, there is a way! - so they say.
I had a will 2 years ago and found the way 2 days ago!
Literally speaking.. my will was locked away until suddenly I saw an add blinking right in front of me on my MBP screen which said.. 'Kindle Self Publishing' on a site I always looked at for those very same 2 years - Shelfari!

I visited Kindle online and from there I saw another ad for publishing my book in print!

Wow and wow!

Who would have thought 'the way’ could possibly split itself to two?


I’m not just a proud author of one book but two!

The 2nd sprung about from a very adamant boy, my son who insisted on me writing him a story so that he could do illustrations for it the same way I was illustrating my first book. One person’s will became another person’s way - MINE!

How ironic!

Thank God I know some decent amount of computing work! Phew!

So wallah.. MY BOOKS!!

Author & Illustrator - Jennifer F Netto
My First book written on 24th April 2010 and published on the 23rd of May 2012.

Author & Photographer - Jennifer F Netto

My 2nd book thanks to CJ who bugged but ironically inspired
 me to come up with such a whimsical piece all in a day!
Written on the 23rd May 2012 and published on 24th May 2012.

"A way for a will" in my case turned out to be a way for 2 and I AM NOT COMPLAINING ;-)

May 20, 2012


I grew up with a love for nursery rhymes as a child and story books when I was older and my favorite stories among many in my younger days were Heidi and Ann of Green Gables.

I did appreciate fairy tales such as Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty but never got myself indulging in dressing and hair do's like a princess as I found it obnoxious. I preferred being in t-shirts, jeans, shorts and always with a great pair of shoes or boots and if I am lucky I get to accompany it with a gorgeous looking hat that always went superbly well with my short hair.

When it came to dresses, I truly loved those that came in cotton, moderately floral- if must, decently laced, sleeveless and may be with a pretty bow at the back. In fact I had a particular sort that I fancied most - dressing like a farm girl on a Sunday morning : long dress with white boots.

Back then I must say I should thank my dearest mum for having showered my favorite style on me. She always knew what would looked great on me and I loved it, though I don't really remember discussing style with her only till I was about twelve or thirteen years old.

Now that I am a mother myself to a lovely little 8 year old girl, I see much of my traits in dressing in her. Her likes and dislikes are similar to mine as a kid. Her disregard for princess-look-alikes and gaudy dresses, tiaras and bling blings as some kids deck on themselves is not her taste and trust me - I'm not complaining!

Was it the era I was born in that made me like the stuff I did?
If so, how is it that 30 years later I see it repeat through my little Belle?
Is it hereditary?
Did I inherit my sense of style from my mum?
Who did she get it from?
Her mum? Her aunt? Her friends? Her books?
She was from India but lived midway of her childhood till death here in Malaysia and Singapore.
So could it be she picked it up from her sociocultural and geographical exposure?
I've studied an entire semester with a great lecturer in UM on genetics and I'm sure it's not tied in our deoxyribonucleic acids so I guess that's the answer - I inherited her taste which she acquired through her exposure on fashion - thank God she was tasteful!!

As a mother we subsequently pass on our traits to our own kids. Our children are influenced by our taste in small ways till they've found their own unique style.

I know some of my likings for clothes came from the pictures in the books I've read, tv shows I watched back then as a kid and the rest must have been allowed to be part of my life thanks to my mum's own personal taste that found an equilibrium to that of my own.

Now, have you ever wondered what went wrong on the parental and child "see-saw" of dressing when you encounter a kid with a head full of pins, hair bands and rubber bands of all the colors and more of the rainbow with an outfit that screams HELP ME even in FAIRY LAND????

I have asked myself that question a million times.. MUST ONE WEAR EVERYTHING ONE HAS IN ONE'S CLOSET IN ONE DAY??

Moderation is important. As much as one may love princesses and fairy tales, you have got to be practical and sensible most especially as not to have your child look like a clown at a parade!

As a parent I believe we are responsible in many small ways to how our children dress and accessorize themselves. Therefore, mums, play that part right as it has the tendencies to be passed down from one generation to the next.

May 16, 2012

Oh Please Teacher's Day?

Gone were the days when teachers were respected for the height of intelligence, passion and nobility. These days, in some parts of the world you'd be surprise if you live long enough to say you served while other parts, you get teachers shouting out racial discriminating remarks at students, and flying shoes at faces of students yet get away with their act on the grounds of stress!
Teachers those days had a sense of passion and loyalty towards their profession as "educators" while these days we end up with mentally questionable individuals who look forward only to their monthly pay cheque and the maintenance of their tuition centres. Assessment vice they score because their shitty performance seems to be backed up by the principal. They are always backed up.

With the recent cases occurring in schools - teacher's discriminating their students, why is it not possible to sack them off as it is so easy to perform the expelling of a student?

If authorities put their foot down to such demoralising issues and practise a zero tolerance on such matters, teachers would know that they serve us and not the other way around! And would consider resignation if stress was something they cannot cope without lashing their tongue on their minority raced students?

To honour their service on a special day such as today's Teacher's Day makes me want to puke thinking about how many unworthy teachers are in the schools only because they filled a quota! I would say so because when I went for my TESL interview after form 5, 18 years ago, being Indian, I did not get the entry because there were enough Indians in the 2% quota where else girls from my school who fell in the category of the larger percentage who couldn't speak English for nuts were chosen to do TESL with an additional training on how to speak before proceeding with their degree! After 11 years of formal education, they could still pick those who needed to be thought how to speak the language before enrolment as if SPM wasn't good enough to tell you who deserved it!

It stinks even more because we know the teachers around us are those who performed "exceptionally" well when they were our school mates! And to think they are teaching our kids when they were nothing as students makes it difficult to swallow.

Racism on the other hand will always be a thing of the present because those who passionately and intelligently deserve to be teachers never gets the opportunity! We are made to think we don't deserve it because our quota is filled. Because we are of a certain race and not a common nationality. Racism will go on because too much hate has been put into children who leave high school and are unfairly treated for scholarships and university entrance. When that seed is planted, the future generation will grow remembering the injustice put upon their forefathers, us - who are still alive and kicking and have somehow by the Grace of God made it better than those who were fed with a silver spoon.

If you think we were treated unfairly while colonised by foreign governments, the racial injustice after independence is way worst!

Teacher's Day? - Stop fooling the kids is all I have to say! True teachers do exist, but sadly they are stuck in a basket of rotten apples!

Are we like glass?

Driving back after sending my kids to school today, I suddenly became metaphorical of how similar our life is to that of a glass.

A glass craftsman uses skilful techniques to make this natural substance into something useful practical and most often beautiful and all that effort put into making glass into sculptured products of beauty can go into pieces by a simple act of carelessness!

Drop it and it's all scattered!

Glass can be strong yet fragile depending on how it hits and falls.

Life is so similar to this isn't it?

We were given to ourselves, pure and natural, and we go through various phases that mould and sculpt us into something completely different; and one wrong choice in an accurate scattering angle can put all to waste!

But picking up those broken pieces can make you into a stronger person if you believe that the lesson in the event was worth learning from.

So no.. We are not like glass! We are better than it! Better because we can pick our broken pieces and mend them to be stronger!

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