May 16, 2012

Are we like glass?

Driving back after sending my kids to school today, I suddenly became metaphorical of how similar our life is to that of a glass.

A glass craftsman uses skilful techniques to make this natural substance into something useful practical and most often beautiful and all that effort put into making glass into sculptured products of beauty can go into pieces by a simple act of carelessness!

Drop it and it's all scattered!

Glass can be strong yet fragile depending on how it hits and falls.

Life is so similar to this isn't it?

We were given to ourselves, pure and natural, and we go through various phases that mould and sculpt us into something completely different; and one wrong choice in an accurate scattering angle can put all to waste!

But picking up those broken pieces can make you into a stronger person if you believe that the lesson in the event was worth learning from.

So no.. We are not like glass! We are better than it! Better because we can pick our broken pieces and mend them to be stronger!

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