Jun 14, 2012

Epidermomolelogy - Fact or Fiction vs Friend or Foe?

EPIDERMOLELOGY (Epidermo-mole-logy) yes I made that term up. So please don’t go looking for it in the dictionary!

It’s the mole on your skin that’s what I’m implying here.

Since ancient times, the positioning of a mole in a person’s body always came with an unravelling mystery of the future.

How far are these fortune telling believable?

I grew up being told that the mole below my left foot indicated I would travel far. The furthest I went was India. Would there be more? I sure hope I would get to visit Europe, America and Africa before I die. But did it mean I would travel far geographically or travel far in my life’s path?

After giving birth to my children, I now have many new moles which I believe is scientifically the overproduction of melanin at that spot in my epidermis layer, but earlier this week, my helper who is a Philipino lady, tells me that my mole on my right shoulder indicates that I am bearing a huge load of worries for others in their lives.
I was utterly surprised!
Ironically I am in that situation now and come to think it, most of the time since I’ve had that mole.

But that mole being only a speck then has become a little larger than usual moles causing me a little pain occasionally but I haven’t gone to see a doctor about it because when I studied Pathology, a possible malignant growth that could come from a mole would grow in size in each time frame and cause consistent pain.

I remember hearing my mother talk about the bad luck that befallen people who removed their moles through cosmetic surgery. Is it true that moles carry luck for us?
Or it coincidental that the events in our life just seem superstitiously sensible to such markings?

Could our moles be telling us our future.

Are they the spot that carries our secret imprints?

I would like to believe that it doesn’t and that life goes on the way it’s meant to be and only your decisions and moves can make a different and that it has nothing to do with the mole in your skin.

Those moles don’t  holds the key to your destiny!

Or do they?

Check out this link I found about the significance of each and every possible mole you might have, its only for reading pleasure ok, please don’t go paranoid over it!


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