Jun 12, 2012

Saying.. Thank You!

Many kids these days fail to have the most basic etiquette instilled in them such as saying Thank You or I'm sorry or even Excuse Me!

It's as though they walk around like the world owes them for their existence or something!

Do these kids come from parents who behave similarly? Or are these kids from parents with high morality and manners but simply failed to make sure their kids are nurtured the same.

I think not saying thank you is the most disgusting attribute one can ever have and it's sad when it is so common these days with kids.

Gratitude initiates the act of saying thank you. So when they failed to say it, should we assume they are ungrateful? Probably.. But I guess that's a whole different territory to venture on.

Don't forget your thank you's and most of all don't forget to R-E-M-I-N-D those who have failed to do so!!

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