Jun 15, 2012

Shoe.. shoe.. where are you?

Some time ago a friend of mine who went shopping with me asked me how is it I could go into a store and pick out a pair of shoes in less than 30 minutes and come out happy?

Honestly I never realized the speedy time frame till this friend of mine pointed it out.

I somehow see everything in the store and pick one right out because I feel it’s pretty, practical and most of all affordable.
Which is probably why I shoe shop only after I have the outfit in mind, so I’d know exactly what would suite best.

Like today was my buy on this pair from Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club.

I wanted something that would look great with my pants and my skirts and I fell in love with this pair in less than 10minutes from entering the store.

Thank Heavens they had my size!
Best of all thank goodness it’s in my budget!

My Purple Brown Shoe!

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