Jul 20, 2012

Church Bells Ring.. Are You Listening?

Through all the hustle and bustle of the day.. With all the noises of the world we drown in.. We hardly hear church bells ring!

Since houses are far from church grounds and the sounding of church bells hardly ever reach the corners of the city, I felt a strong warmth embrace me when I caught the sound of the noon Angelus Bell ringing in the midst of the traffic noises while fuelling my car not too far from the church of St. Francis Xavier.

I'm glad I caught the sound..
and said my Angelus
because besides watching the clock tell you the time to pray.. The calling of the church bells are by far the most angelic way..

Jul 19, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman

Once again I say.. I'm not writing a movie review though I must say too the movie was simply amazing, and most of all I want to say Thank You to RHB for giving me the 2 in-season passes to watch this stunning movie at GSC.

When I saw the contest on their website last month, spend a minimum of RM50 on your Visa (Debit/Credit card) and stand a chance to win a pair of in-season tickets for The Amazing Spiderman, a voice at the back of my head said, "Yeah right! Like I'm going to win that!"

I bitched it off because besides the RM10 Tesco voucher I received 3 months ago.. I never truly got anything nice for being a loyal customer!

Ironically this morning I almost bought online tickets to this movie but decided to call off the plans because I needed to study and when I checked the mailbox around noon, in were there, these passes which I mentally bickered about a month ago!

So of course I ditched my studying n took my kids for the movies! Why wouldn't I - I got free tickets!

Humm.. Now if only this works for a lottery ticket..

Hahaha ;-)

Well... No harm in wishing right?

Oh by the way.. Andrew Garfield is a stunning Spiderman! and the movie is definitely a thousand times better than the previous trilogy.

Hemingway & Gellhorn

This post is not a movie review but about 2 people with remarkable names in the world of literature who were not very different from the ordinary.

I watched Hemingway & Gellhorn last night on my Astro PVR and I must say it moved me a lot.. emotionally!

When you read books from award winning writers, you would think that they had a life so simply seated behind a type writer and writing their thoughts for others to read while making a fortune if not by their works.

But non fiction writers those days saw a need to be present in the wrack of life in order to write what they truly saw with their eyes and felt in their hearts despite running a miserable if not luxurious domestic life. War writer like both of them had hurdles to face in order to share the news to the world.

Gellhorn was seen as a woman whose passion for her work, inadvertently crowned her hopeless at being a wife and a mother.

Hemingway, to me was a man who even after 4 marriages never knew how and what he wanted in a wife but I guess that's how most humans are..

They marry a person because at that point he or she is everything one wants but through the evolution of the heart and mind that makes your maturity and priorities change, sometimes drastically, you end up seeing your partner stuck behind your needs, desires and ambitions in life.

Many move on leaving their partners behind and getting attached with new ones while some have no choice but to be stuck in the rut.

So Hemingway - was the typical man who as much as had admired and adored Gellhorn, was never the less a male chauvinist when the limelight fell on his partner instead of him.

Jealousy isn't the destruction of love but boredom she says but in reality I think both just are! Jealousy from a spouse is the worst thing to have in a marriage and boredom is the battlefield of the devil - both does nothing except destruction to the marriage and the destruction of one's own soul!

In reality so many woman are repressed from achieving their ambitions because of husbands who refuse to step out of their rut.
Husbands who expects their woman to be glued at home watching the kids and living almost the entire day in the kitchen and laundry room while they enjoy the company of other apparently sophisticated woman outdoors.
Husbands who are threatened by successful wives, who would rather back up other woman in their ambitions than their own spouse!

Hemingway & Gellhorn though names of famous people, lived very pathetic domestic life like any ordinary people.

As much as Gellhorn wrote about the wars of the world, she fought a war domestically as well.

Why would one think that if you have achieved ambitious endeavours, and have names that are remembered indefinitely, you would have been spared of spousal heartaches?

Sadly both these names died by taking their own lives through suicide after all that they have achieved. Shouldn't death at least come to them peacefully?

I like Gellhorn's saying (since it would be typically what she knew people perceived her life was with Hemingway) - "I have no intention of being a footnote in someone else's life!"
I like it in context to "her" life.

Would every woman be proud to say such a thing? Could being a footnote to the life of someone you truly love and loved you in return with all the respect you rightfully deserve as a human be entirely worthwhile?

I believe so..

Jul 18, 2012


My biggest fear of getting back into the working arena is the Interviews!

Be it one to one, or one to many, the very thought of having to sit in front of a bunch of people or a person who is going to evaluate, and decide if you are "worthy" of the job just makes me constipated!

Here I am today.. In the gorgeous looking lobby of a very big establishment waiting for my dear sister to come down from her interview and the entire process of getting here and waiting for her just makes me anxious more than her I think.

As I wait for her to come down, here I am sitting amidst tens of stressful looking candidates who are walking in and out of meeting rooms with various interviewers.

I feel such tensed aura around me.. Or is it just my gut feeling it for them?

Some walk pass me wondering what I'm doing here with my sunglasses on my head and a psycholinguistic text book on my lap! And just as I think of what their thinking.. Some one asks me if I'm here for an interview.

Do I look like I'm here for a job?
I'm not stressed like the rest!
And I'm dressed like I'm going to go shopping!

How does one do it?

I had in my life so far attended 6 interviews out of which 3 were for part time jobs after major high school exams, 2 for a scholarship interview and 1 for a permanent position just recently (but this is not counted because the interview was with my former Principal who was now at this other establishment). And of which I got the job and scholarships of course.

Ask me to do this again, I'd probably vomit blood!

I'm afraid to think about it but I do want to get back into the work force once my kids are older, and I only hope I build the courage for it soon enough!

Jul 16, 2012

My Yardstick Is For Measuring Things!

Been thinking a lot lately about the many I've known in my life who measure their own life successes by comparing themselves to others. The faster and sooner they achieve something compared to the ones around them, the greater they'd feel.
What happens when the opposite turns out to be true?
Statements like
* I never thought you would settle down before me!

* Why didn't I get a degree before her?

* I should have won the competition and not you!

* What's so great about her that others seem to like her more than they do of me?

Etc.. Etc..

Well, the sad thing about measuring your life to others is this - disappointments!

If you use the life of others as your yardstick, somehow that stick has its way to shove you up your behind and tell you to go and get yourself a real life!

It's ok to wonder how someone else settled down before you or have kids while you don't, or drive a porsche while you still take the bus, or why more people enjoy their presence compared to yours.. It's okay if they are constructive thoughts but as soon as you start feeling jealous about it and allow it to undermind your own achievements and failures for that matter than you seriously need to consider its point of worth..

I don't feel jealous when someone else does well in life! In fact I feel most happy and proud that I know such a person!

I'd rather take their achievements with pride and say.. Hey that's my friend you know than to sulk and bitch about it being theirs and not mine!

Take your life at your own pace.. Be proud of the things you achieve irregardless of when you achieve it.

Remember.. Everyone faces variations in the circumstances of their life.

Life achievements aren't a timely thing for many.

No one is racing with you so don't race with anyone, unless you're on the track doing the 100m for the upcoming London Olympics!!

Jul 14, 2012

Mufflers at 34C?

I'm inspired to write this after seeing a mum and her girl step out of their car with warmers wrapped around both their necks on a blazing hot Friday afternoon.

When I saw the mother get off the driver's seat, I asked myself if she knew where she lived and before the thought could end, out comes her daughter with the same wrap in a different colour.

Call it fashion but I still don't understand why one would wrap their neck with winter mufflers in a tropical land while wearing the skimpiest shorts, beach slippers and the thinnest t-tops?

Are these people just lost geographically? Good gracious I can only imagine where the girl learnt her sense of "style” - her mother or the other way around?

I love the spring and winter fashion too but I'll wait to be such a season to wear them for sure.

Jul 12, 2012


I read The Wizard of Oz when I was 10 and to my kids the first time when Belle was 6 and CJ 3 and occasionally listened to it in the car as we also have the audio book. They both simply love it. In fact when Belle bumps into any pair of RED shoes, she would tell "Mama.. Dorothy's Shoes!!" and when we take a walking path made of bricks we would say "We are walking on the red brick road" instead of yellow..
But Belle and CJ had a very concerning question about how Oz became the wizard at Emerald City?

We all know from the book that Oz landed there by crashing from his hot air balloon and guess what? Now the creators of Alice In Wonderland (2010) and Spiderman-3 is bringing us "OZ: The Great & Powerful" next year!! a prelude to The Wizard Of Oz to tell us how the Wizard arrived in the land of Oz and became the ruler.

My kids are going to love hearing this news when they come home from school today!!

Something superb to look forward to in 2013 in our favourite world of cinema!!

Jul 6, 2012

Well Done!!

Amazing isn’t it? 3rd place amongst 246 students from 50 countries worldwide? Our very own Malaysian Indian Boys beating the odds and emerging as winners in the Genius Olympiad 2012 International High School Project Fair on Environment, in New York with their very own creation of an alarm system called “Neighbours Wonder”. 

"The gadget can help emergency users to ask for help from their neighbours when the wireless alarm system is installed parallel with other houses in a residential area.
Rama Murthi said the idea to develop the system was in line with the 1Malaysia concept mooted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, as it could foster the spirit of cooperation among neighbours, regardless of race.” - Bernama

Personally I’m so proud of what these boys have accomplished. Making the best out of their own ability and doing themselves and their parents proud, and of course Malaysia could all chip in the joyous celebration of their winning! 

The one thing I believe in being a Malaysian Indian is that, you may be the “smallest" minority in this country, and may feel insignificant in a land your four fathers worked for or even died for, but you can still be a powerful and fruitful one as long as you put your mind, soul and heart to it. It’s not about needing government attention on you but about making the country NEED YOU!!! 
If your efforts go unseen by the Malaysian public.. its their loss.. as long as you see the worth in yourself, a way will open to you! That’s all that matters most!!!

Congratulations once again to Rama Murthi and Sri Arivesh on their success!! May many more Malaysian Indians be inspired by this!! 


Jul 4, 2012

My Cup of Tea..

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Prince of Wales and Darjeeling...
Yes those are the names of the teas in this box of tea bags my brother gave me -  Twinings of London.
After an experience of drinking tea in the night while in campus many years ago, which left me awake till dawn, I realized tea keeps me awake and took it whenever I needed to burn the midnight oil.
With assignments close to its due dates and exams at the end of the month, I decided to give this box of expertly blended teas a try.
I had the English Breakfast tea on one night, the Darjeeling tea 3 nights ago, Earl Grey tea 2 nights before and Prince of Wales yesterday (the tea I meant!) and this morning I started my verbal abuses on why tea maker bother naming them differently when they all tasted the same until I plunged Lady Grey Tea into my cup of hot water.
The description given for Lady Grey was a fragrant, bright and light black tea infused with orange, lemon and bergamot flavours (Light Flavour Strength).
It smelt bright and citrusy alright.
And it taste fantastic.

So my apologies to the tea makers of the world..
I now know that I LIKE "infused teas" and not just black tea or green for that matter.
It’s like drinking Ice Lemon Tea without all the sugar.. and its refreshing and nice even when its not hot any more.
Now I just need to see if it keeps we awake!

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