Jul 6, 2012

Well Done!!

Amazing isn’t it? 3rd place amongst 246 students from 50 countries worldwide? Our very own Malaysian Indian Boys beating the odds and emerging as winners in the Genius Olympiad 2012 International High School Project Fair on Environment, in New York with their very own creation of an alarm system called “Neighbours Wonder”. 

"The gadget can help emergency users to ask for help from their neighbours when the wireless alarm system is installed parallel with other houses in a residential area.
Rama Murthi said the idea to develop the system was in line with the 1Malaysia concept mooted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, as it could foster the spirit of cooperation among neighbours, regardless of race.” - Bernama

Personally I’m so proud of what these boys have accomplished. Making the best out of their own ability and doing themselves and their parents proud, and of course Malaysia could all chip in the joyous celebration of their winning! 

The one thing I believe in being a Malaysian Indian is that, you may be the “smallest" minority in this country, and may feel insignificant in a land your four fathers worked for or even died for, but you can still be a powerful and fruitful one as long as you put your mind, soul and heart to it. It’s not about needing government attention on you but about making the country NEED YOU!!! 
If your efforts go unseen by the Malaysian public.. its their loss.. as long as you see the worth in yourself, a way will open to you! That’s all that matters most!!!

Congratulations once again to Rama Murthi and Sri Arivesh on their success!! May many more Malaysian Indians be inspired by this!! 


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