Jul 19, 2012

Hemingway & Gellhorn

This post is not a movie review but about 2 people with remarkable names in the world of literature who were not very different from the ordinary.

I watched Hemingway & Gellhorn last night on my Astro PVR and I must say it moved me a lot.. emotionally!

When you read books from award winning writers, you would think that they had a life so simply seated behind a type writer and writing their thoughts for others to read while making a fortune if not by their works.

But non fiction writers those days saw a need to be present in the wrack of life in order to write what they truly saw with their eyes and felt in their hearts despite running a miserable if not luxurious domestic life. War writer like both of them had hurdles to face in order to share the news to the world.

Gellhorn was seen as a woman whose passion for her work, inadvertently crowned her hopeless at being a wife and a mother.

Hemingway, to me was a man who even after 4 marriages never knew how and what he wanted in a wife but I guess that's how most humans are..

They marry a person because at that point he or she is everything one wants but through the evolution of the heart and mind that makes your maturity and priorities change, sometimes drastically, you end up seeing your partner stuck behind your needs, desires and ambitions in life.

Many move on leaving their partners behind and getting attached with new ones while some have no choice but to be stuck in the rut.

So Hemingway - was the typical man who as much as had admired and adored Gellhorn, was never the less a male chauvinist when the limelight fell on his partner instead of him.

Jealousy isn't the destruction of love but boredom she says but in reality I think both just are! Jealousy from a spouse is the worst thing to have in a marriage and boredom is the battlefield of the devil - both does nothing except destruction to the marriage and the destruction of one's own soul!

In reality so many woman are repressed from achieving their ambitions because of husbands who refuse to step out of their rut.
Husbands who expects their woman to be glued at home watching the kids and living almost the entire day in the kitchen and laundry room while they enjoy the company of other apparently sophisticated woman outdoors.
Husbands who are threatened by successful wives, who would rather back up other woman in their ambitions than their own spouse!

Hemingway & Gellhorn though names of famous people, lived very pathetic domestic life like any ordinary people.

As much as Gellhorn wrote about the wars of the world, she fought a war domestically as well.

Why would one think that if you have achieved ambitious endeavours, and have names that are remembered indefinitely, you would have been spared of spousal heartaches?

Sadly both these names died by taking their own lives through suicide after all that they have achieved. Shouldn't death at least come to them peacefully?

I like Gellhorn's saying (since it would be typically what she knew people perceived her life was with Hemingway) - "I have no intention of being a footnote in someone else's life!"
I like it in context to "her" life.

Would every woman be proud to say such a thing? Could being a footnote to the life of someone you truly love and loved you in return with all the respect you rightfully deserve as a human be entirely worthwhile?

I believe so..

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