Jul 18, 2012


My biggest fear of getting back into the working arena is the Interviews!

Be it one to one, or one to many, the very thought of having to sit in front of a bunch of people or a person who is going to evaluate, and decide if you are "worthy" of the job just makes me constipated!

Here I am today.. In the gorgeous looking lobby of a very big establishment waiting for my dear sister to come down from her interview and the entire process of getting here and waiting for her just makes me anxious more than her I think.

As I wait for her to come down, here I am sitting amidst tens of stressful looking candidates who are walking in and out of meeting rooms with various interviewers.

I feel such tensed aura around me.. Or is it just my gut feeling it for them?

Some walk pass me wondering what I'm doing here with my sunglasses on my head and a psycholinguistic text book on my lap! And just as I think of what their thinking.. Some one asks me if I'm here for an interview.

Do I look like I'm here for a job?
I'm not stressed like the rest!
And I'm dressed like I'm going to go shopping!

How does one do it?

I had in my life so far attended 6 interviews out of which 3 were for part time jobs after major high school exams, 2 for a scholarship interview and 1 for a permanent position just recently (but this is not counted because the interview was with my former Principal who was now at this other establishment). And of which I got the job and scholarships of course.

Ask me to do this again, I'd probably vomit blood!

I'm afraid to think about it but I do want to get back into the work force once my kids are older, and I only hope I build the courage for it soon enough!

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