Jul 16, 2012

My Yardstick Is For Measuring Things!

Been thinking a lot lately about the many I've known in my life who measure their own life successes by comparing themselves to others. The faster and sooner they achieve something compared to the ones around them, the greater they'd feel.
What happens when the opposite turns out to be true?
Statements like
* I never thought you would settle down before me!

* Why didn't I get a degree before her?

* I should have won the competition and not you!

* What's so great about her that others seem to like her more than they do of me?

Etc.. Etc..

Well, the sad thing about measuring your life to others is this - disappointments!

If you use the life of others as your yardstick, somehow that stick has its way to shove you up your behind and tell you to go and get yourself a real life!

It's ok to wonder how someone else settled down before you or have kids while you don't, or drive a porsche while you still take the bus, or why more people enjoy their presence compared to yours.. It's okay if they are constructive thoughts but as soon as you start feeling jealous about it and allow it to undermind your own achievements and failures for that matter than you seriously need to consider its point of worth..

I don't feel jealous when someone else does well in life! In fact I feel most happy and proud that I know such a person!

I'd rather take their achievements with pride and say.. Hey that's my friend you know than to sulk and bitch about it being theirs and not mine!

Take your life at your own pace.. Be proud of the things you achieve irregardless of when you achieve it.

Remember.. Everyone faces variations in the circumstances of their life.

Life achievements aren't a timely thing for many.

No one is racing with you so don't race with anyone, unless you're on the track doing the 100m for the upcoming London Olympics!!

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