Jul 14, 2012

Mufflers at 34C?

I'm inspired to write this after seeing a mum and her girl step out of their car with warmers wrapped around both their necks on a blazing hot Friday afternoon.

When I saw the mother get off the driver's seat, I asked myself if she knew where she lived and before the thought could end, out comes her daughter with the same wrap in a different colour.

Call it fashion but I still don't understand why one would wrap their neck with winter mufflers in a tropical land while wearing the skimpiest shorts, beach slippers and the thinnest t-tops?

Are these people just lost geographically? Good gracious I can only imagine where the girl learnt her sense of "style” - her mother or the other way around?

I love the spring and winter fashion too but I'll wait to be such a season to wear them for sure.

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