Jul 4, 2012

My Cup of Tea..

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Prince of Wales and Darjeeling...
Yes those are the names of the teas in this box of tea bags my brother gave me -  Twinings of London.
After an experience of drinking tea in the night while in campus many years ago, which left me awake till dawn, I realized tea keeps me awake and took it whenever I needed to burn the midnight oil.
With assignments close to its due dates and exams at the end of the month, I decided to give this box of expertly blended teas a try.
I had the English Breakfast tea on one night, the Darjeeling tea 3 nights ago, Earl Grey tea 2 nights before and Prince of Wales yesterday (the tea I meant!) and this morning I started my verbal abuses on why tea maker bother naming them differently when they all tasted the same until I plunged Lady Grey Tea into my cup of hot water.
The description given for Lady Grey was a fragrant, bright and light black tea infused with orange, lemon and bergamot flavours (Light Flavour Strength).
It smelt bright and citrusy alright.
And it taste fantastic.

So my apologies to the tea makers of the world..
I now know that I LIKE "infused teas" and not just black tea or green for that matter.
It’s like drinking Ice Lemon Tea without all the sugar.. and its refreshing and nice even when its not hot any more.
Now I just need to see if it keeps we awake!

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