Jul 12, 2012


I read The Wizard of Oz when I was 10 and to my kids the first time when Belle was 6 and CJ 3 and occasionally listened to it in the car as we also have the audio book. They both simply love it. In fact when Belle bumps into any pair of RED shoes, she would tell "Mama.. Dorothy's Shoes!!" and when we take a walking path made of bricks we would say "We are walking on the red brick road" instead of yellow..
But Belle and CJ had a very concerning question about how Oz became the wizard at Emerald City?

We all know from the book that Oz landed there by crashing from his hot air balloon and guess what? Now the creators of Alice In Wonderland (2010) and Spiderman-3 is bringing us "OZ: The Great & Powerful" next year!! a prelude to The Wizard Of Oz to tell us how the Wizard arrived in the land of Oz and became the ruler.

My kids are going to love hearing this news when they come home from school today!!

Something superb to look forward to in 2013 in our favourite world of cinema!!

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