Jul 19, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman

Once again I say.. I'm not writing a movie review though I must say too the movie was simply amazing, and most of all I want to say Thank You to RHB for giving me the 2 in-season passes to watch this stunning movie at GSC.

When I saw the contest on their website last month, spend a minimum of RM50 on your Visa (Debit/Credit card) and stand a chance to win a pair of in-season tickets for The Amazing Spiderman, a voice at the back of my head said, "Yeah right! Like I'm going to win that!"

I bitched it off because besides the RM10 Tesco voucher I received 3 months ago.. I never truly got anything nice for being a loyal customer!

Ironically this morning I almost bought online tickets to this movie but decided to call off the plans because I needed to study and when I checked the mailbox around noon, in were there, these passes which I mentally bickered about a month ago!

So of course I ditched my studying n took my kids for the movies! Why wouldn't I - I got free tickets!

Humm.. Now if only this works for a lottery ticket..

Hahaha ;-)

Well... No harm in wishing right?

Oh by the way.. Andrew Garfield is a stunning Spiderman! and the movie is definitely a thousand times better than the previous trilogy.

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