Aug 6, 2012


I must say Helen Mirren played an interesting role in this movie.. But once again this is not a movie review I'm doing but a connection to her role as Arthur's nanny.

I cried so much after she died in her sleep especially after learning that she had sacrificed her love to care for Arthur after his father died when he was only 3 and that too to a mother who's forte wasn't mothering.

Sacrifice is so rarely seen these days without expectations in return. When you are graced by someone who does it for you, you really have to embrace it.

Grief over the loss of a love one is something that can't be healed so easily. Watching her death reminded me of the loss of my mum - unfair and untimely! It's when you need the person the most, that the Universe thinks it has the right to take it away from you.. And in my case I was whirled right after loosing my mum into dealing with people who had no respect over my grievances, who thought they could comment insolent statements at me and hurt me with all their insecurities and psychotic nature!

Like I said, it's rare to find people who can respect your life the way they MUST and SHOULD! We are often surrounded by people who think they know better, and people who think they have the rights to tell you how to run your life and your home! How to raise your kids, feed them, cloth them and even meddle in the physicality of your life as to how you should spend your time.

Arthur may be fictitious.. But he surely represents many of us.. Not rich in bucks as he definitely but ridiculed by people who think they know best but sadly know nothing actually! It's the ones who truly knows you who would never hurt you!

It's those who truly know me who has not hurt me! The rest are just a humorous cruelty.. A complete waste of time!

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