Oct 31, 2012

Escaping Alcatraz - The Malaysian AES!

My drive from PD fetching my husband back home on the North-South Expressway in a rainy night 2 weeks ago, caught me by a shock when I decided to overtake a Hilux that was driving horridly slow in the middle lane. 

As I placed my right side signal light, changed my lane and increased my acceleration to over take the snail, 3 lightening flashes from the left snapped me one shot after another. I was shocked and at a brief second, panicked and stared out of the car wondering what the heck that was! 

GOOD CHRIST!!! They were speed cameras!

Are those cameras suppose to photography those who are speeding or cause a FATAL ACCIDENT at the same time????????

I did not have the slightest clue they had placed those cameras at that particular point and thank God I have a strong control of the wheel. No wonder everyone was driving so slowly at that stretch. Yesterday, once again when we had to drive the same route back home, my husband asked why was every one slowing down? I told him.. “I guess we are reaching ALCATRAZ!!!"

Those flashes were blinding, shocking and disturbing and if I had no sense of control, I would have easily made the system work against its supposed purpose.


I felt as if I got caught trying to escape Alcatraz!!!

I can only imagine my face in those shots.. LOL (yes I’m laughing because I hope my face tells the authorities that they have abused me!!)

I heard a fine of RM300 non negotiable will be my penalty.. well.. I was overtaking a snail.. and I did the entire Alcatraz Escape with my signal light on.. so if that is an offence.. picking up speed which any physics book would say you need to in order to over take another vehicle in which I went up to 110km/hr at a 90km/hr stretch, then I will see what I do with that when I get to that juncture.

I think this system is not right.
What is the point of putting this speed cameras at a point where everyone knows it’s there?
People will speed else where and behave at that stretch alone wouldn’t they?
I have driven in Singapore so many times and they have this fixed speed cameras by the side of their roads as well.. but those don’t blind you to kill you! How come? Can someone tell me what I’m missing to understand here? Why such a fatal prone technology here where else Singapore can go with one that is purposeful and non abusive?

I suddenly prefer seeing our traffic police being bushmen at duty at least that’s not going to kill you!!

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