Oct 11, 2012

First International Day of the Girl Child

11th of October has been declared as  International Day of The Girl Child focussing its first year into observance to ending ‘child marriages’.

All my growing years I have watched such ridiculous child marriages shown in movies and dramas on the TV and have heard stories from neighbors about girls as young as 13 and 14 being married off to older men to ease the financial burden of her family. BURDEN? I have asked my mum, is that the purpose of marriage? To ease a parent’s burden? Her reply was that’s how little the parents of those girls know! They don’t understood the value of education in a girl, and the burden that can be eased off of their shoulder if their daughters were given a chance to work and be someone. If independence to her life was given priority. How much more would the family gain from their daughter if they had placed her rights above all else.

Personally I knew of a girl back in school, who came from a poverty striken family. She was made to be married off almost immediately after SPM (age17) because her parents could not afford to put her for tertiary education. But is marriage the answer to such a situation? Getting their daughters to be married to men who are poorly educated or not at all and have their girls be treated like trash by their supposed husbands who come back drunk and insist of SEX? Who have no regards for raising their own children? 

I believe once such a cycle exist, that drive to do the same to their own young will continue unless, the young mother decides to put an end to such vicious decisions on their own girls! 

Malaysia may be modern and advanced, but sadly, child marriages still exist and in recent statistics, it is on the rise! What’s the excuse for such an act now? Financial burden? Child with acts of promiscuity? 

Mind sets need to be changed! The fact of the matter is, it is not the men who truly discriminate women, but women themselves who discriminate their own gender that has caused such a devastating scenario for the female race! 

Ladies who ill treat their daughters and look at them as nothing more than a object for marriage, mothers who have no guts to stand up against their abusive idiotic husbands who think the girl should be given away to another man, women who think they need to have their daughters married off ASAP so that their duty as a mother is obligated! As long as women such as these exist, women who do not know how to protect their own girls, and the girls around them by prioritizing their needs and rights as a HUMAN and not as an OBJECT, child marriages can never be put into the grave! 

Women who are mothers, sisters, aunts, teachers, neighbors, and friends must make this first change! Protect the rights of the girls around you!! If you have been abused of your own rights..you can put an end to it - don’t give a deaf ear or a blind eye to those who are going to end up like you.. you should be the living example of what you don’t want your own child or the child of another to be! 

The Girl - The Gift!

A girl is gift to humanity,
She is the one who brings life into the world,
The one who cares and gives more than she ever knew she could,
The one who deserves to own her rights and have her rights protected for her!

A girl is the light to her family,
A being whom like a boy deserves to be someone,
She deserves happiness and joy,
She deserves friends and an education,
She deserves to have her parents' love even after her wings take their first flight alone!

A girl’s marriage is not a license to freedom!
Her marriage is not the broom to sweep your burdens away!
Her marriage is a commitment! 
A commitment she makes when she is ready to make it!
For marriage is a journey that is not marked on a map..
It is not a resort for washing of hands!
For even a married daughter needs her parents to protect her, 
From the possible viciousness and vices  of the man who may even have married her for her love! 
As a parent, you are never free from your responsibilities towards your girl, unless death takes you away from her,
For your girl is a gift, to you and humanity!
She is a gift to herself! 


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