Oct 4, 2012

My Copper Anniversary!!

Officially it’s 9 years, but I like to count it with a plus 2! So technically it’s 11 years..
I can’t believe how fast time flies..
and how much we have grown as a family and as individuals ourselves - spouse and parent..
how much we have been through..
and how much more we look forward to go thru for each other and our lovely children..
Hopefully till our bones go brittling away with toothless smiles..
along with grandkids who are deeply in love with us, and children who desire to always embrace our warmth.. because I know that warmth is something you and I have in abundance for our babies!!

For all those wishes I wish..
I have but one simple wish to begin with..
That I have at least a minute of life left in my soul, no matter what, to always have the chance to say I LOVE YOU before a final goodbye..

They say... Life is so unpredictable.. 
But of all the unpredictabilities.. our blessings are the best things we have been unpredictably showered with!! My blessings are YOU and OUR LOVELY CHILDREN!! The life you have given me, the love you have embraced me with and the pedestal upon which you and our children have placed me.. and for everything.. I say Thank You!

Happy Copper Anniversary Honey!!

I love you my dearest..
I always have and always will..

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