Oct 28, 2012

Queue Up Not Glue Up!

Have you ever had to experience being in a queue and the person behind you seem to be in some idiotic rush? Pushing and glueing themselves into you?
 Well, if I’m asking you then you can surely guess why! Today at the movies, queuing up to get some popcorn, I just had to have a woman behind me that glued herself to my back, pushing my handbag forward almost every 5 seconds and for what? I have no clue! It’s not like the counter is going to drive away or we need to stick our face up another person’s arse to make space for the queue that’s unfortunately getting longer, right? In my irritation I spoke out loudly saying, IT’S QUEUE UP NOT GLUE UP LARRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Of late funny lines verbalise itself out of me in my height of irritation.. Well it made my sister laugh and me too of course.. It is so blardy annoying to be in such a close proximity with a stranger, and all my experiences of such is with women older than me! Nooooo I’m not going to feel any different in fact must madder if it were a man!
It did cross my mind to take a step back, plunging my heels into her foot to teach her a lesson.. but my conscience didn’t approve it!
Anyway.. The good thing that came out of this is this saying I guess..
So remember fellow earthlings in a queue.... QUEUE UP, NOT GLUE UP!!!! Okay?!

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