Oct 31, 2012

Remember Me?

I had a rather weird experience last week.
Saw a person I knew from my hometown on FB and decided to request for friends. After almost 2 weeks plus from when the request was made, she accepted my request and then over the chat upon me messaging first, she tells me she has no clue who I am!
WOW! I was seriously shocked to my marrow on her loss of memory!
A person whom back then (approximately 15 years ago I should say) would come around me and start conversations which I did positively engage in, who told me once that I inspire her, who claimed admired me and wished I were her older sister - suddenly has no recollection of who I was shockingly startled me. I am certain by the words of many and my with my own eyes that I have not changed in my facial appearance, and socially I have been active in church activities where by this person had no reason to have not seen me after school years.

So what is the reason then?
Can a person truly truly have such an amnesia?
Or is this amnesia one out of choice? But if so, why accept on FB..right?
To those I have shared this with, they told me this is a complete act!
It’s impossible for anyone to have forgotten a person even after trying so hard to light a spark unless they have a medical condition.

Anyway... I guess that’s all to it then..
If one doesn’t remember you anymore, you should just let them go.

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