Nov 30, 2012

Diamonds are forever..

I walked past a gorgeous diamond gold bangle today and as I gazed on the price tag (RM28K) I laughed to myself saying, "I'd rather book myself a Europe Tour than spend that amount on a jewellery." I don't know how far 28K ringgit would take me around the European Continent (not far probably) but I'd much prefer a week of memory to a bangle that may or may not be with me for the rest of my life as I could probably even loose my hand to a thief while wearing one.

The older I grow, the more my fancy for gold is depleting. Is this normal? Could it be because it is getting so ridiculously expensive that I have turned my head away from it? Or is it because I almost got snatched after a tutorial class at Serdang Raya? I think it's all of the above.

Diamond is a girl's best friend which means the 7 diamonds in my engagement ring, which some people had to disregard it as "stupid" because it seems an engagement ring must be of a single diamond alone, is technically my 7 best friends? Those diamonds on my ring will be all the diamond I'm ever going to own and wish to wear safely someday. As for anything else, I would definitely op for a tour, instead of looking at the tour strapped to my wrist. After all diamonds are forever.. So 7 is (forever x 7) for me!

Nov 28, 2012

International School - Practice before You Preach!

I had quite an experience visiting an international school today. The administrators had an odd way of promoting the school - they were busy making racial discriminatory statements in efforts to proof how quality and not commercialism is their aim in education.

Anyone would agree that if a person speaks of quality, they should first and foremost show they have it themselves! Reason for saying this is because in their 1000 plus banners around Negeri Sembilan, advertising their soon to open school, they had failed miserably in showing quality information on it to the public.

Here's why:
1. It had a website address that doesn't connect to its server. I had been trying to connect to it for more than 24 hours.

2. It failed to provide the location, other than it being in Seremban.

3. It had 2 contact numbers, one was a mobile number and the other was a land line. I tried the mobile, but no answer, then proceeded to the land line, to which the lady who answered told me, "this is not the school number, but the country club, please call the mobile number." WOW!!!!

4. It has proudly tagged itself as - THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IN SEREMBAN. Looks like someone did not do their research properly as Kolej Tengku Ja'afar is the first, with 20 years of establishment.

Do you think I'm going to send my kids there when I move out of Klang Valley? Hell NO!!!!!

You don't make racial remarks thinking you can win our wallets! You have failed on all level of being " International" the minute you condemn another race! And you had gladly done so in front of kids who could have potentially become your students. A school needs to show credibility, respect, and authenticity both in advertising and customer service but this school has failed on all levels of such requirements, sadly.

Why do I feel that the more I study about ethics of communication, the more I'm being made to believe that everyone who studied it, has no idea how to practice it!!!

Nov 8, 2012

Moving Forward!

Watching the US Presidency Election was quite an anxious task. My TV screen was on CNN and my husband and I tackled questions of what if Romney wins or what if Obama?
And when Barack crossed the 270 mark, we just couldn’t stop smiling at each other along with tears rolling down my cheeks.
They've won the next 4 years!! Obama and his democratic team showed towards what America is shifting, uniting as one nation to serve one nation. Moving forward to becoming yet again the model of a great country.
I can’t help but cry to see this win!
I waited eagerly to listen to OBAMA’s victory speech the 2nd time after 4 years and his 25minutes speech was fantastic! 4 years ago, I remember listening to his speech with my husband and now again, no wonder he says he’s usually back on leave and by chance to watch the elections of the United State’s President Live here in Malaysia.

It was dynamic, positively boisterous, and hair raising amazing! To see everyone gathered awaiting their president to present his victory speech was simply awesome that I wished I was there, almost to wishing I was an American myself!!

Don’t get me wrong, I truly love Malaysia and being Malaysian, but sometimes I tend to, like most Malaysians or rather non-Americans to suddenly feel the height of joy and wish I were an American myself. To be in the land where nothing is impossible! Then again, I know that if you put your mind, heart and soul to anything, nothing will be impossible no matter which soil you stand upon.

I wish this dynamic, empathetic, peace loving, INTROVERT (so am I!!!) 44th US President all the best in his 2nd term and may he accomplish all he had set forward for US and their relationship with the world.

Nov 6, 2012

The Greatest Love Of All?

The late Whitney didn't just sing a song to that title rather she brought out the most significant shift to everyone's life back in 1986. Who best to love you than yourself? Whose love is most important in your life than your own? Sadly somehow it was easier to sing the song and hit the charts rather than practicing it in reality given the fact that she died of OD (May her soul rest in peace)!

However, I'm not writing in context of the late Queen of Pop but to highlight this quote I got from Oprah's website OWN by Brenè Brown:

"Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them."

You understand that I'm sure? It simply means you can't give or get love if you first didn’t have love existing in you!

Coincidentally, I also stumbled upon a quote on Goodreads yesterday by the famous Rumi that said -

  "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

How important is it that we first love ourselves before falling in love with another?
I was told by a psychologist friend of mine that you draw positive vibes only when you embrace positivity in yourself, hence a relationship can only work if both involved in it love themselves well enough to actually nurture that love for their partner thus creating a relationship that's balanced and enriching for each other.

There are many out there who fail to break the barriers within themselves before trying to find love outside their vessel. For those of you who wonder why you can’t find love, I would say there are probably three possibilities to that:
i) You don't love yourself enough to think you deserve love in return!
ii) You love yourself too much to allow another who lacks love in them to ruin you!
iii) You love yourself too much that you don’t believe anyone else is humanly worthy of you!

I personally believe no one can truly love another until and unless they have love in their own heart and that loving yourself is by far the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself! No I'm not saying this because I sang Whitney's song on stage in front of a hundred people when I was 12 but because I personally have this experience to stand by this notion! Those who couldn’t show love for me didn’t have love in themselves to begin with, and I couldn’t nurture one with them because it takes two to tango..REMEMBER??? I didn’t have enough patients to allow myself the time to see others change, so I move on. I leave them be. I choose to continue my life even if they refused to live theirs. I am the (ii) point above!

Don’t get me wrong ha! Loving yourself doesn’t mean being self absorbed with your own being! It’s embracing this intense feeling of deep affection for yourself.

This is tough to handle but somehow I think that if you possess love within you, your love will be a radiant light of hope for others to emulate. When you have love within you, you will shine and that light will dawn on others as a sign of what is missing in them. Love is powerful, and it is contagious. It is uplifting and it is joyful. Love makes the world go round!
So go ahead.. Listen to her song and contemplate on your life! Work on the most important area of your existence - loving yourself and the rest will fall in place!!

Nov 2, 2012

Don’t Butcher Her Hair!

 I honestly had a tough time coming up with a title for this post of mine but I seriously need to ask this - why do mothers butcher their girl's hair in the name of a solution to dandruff problem?

Allow me to brief you on this one point - many things crop up for me while waiting in my son's Kumon class every Fridays. Today I noticed this 14 year old girl who had such lovely mid length hair standing in front of me looking drastically different. Short, bushy, dry and out of control. Yes they are the same adjectives I would use for describing a lion's mane.

I smiled at her and asked if she had cut her hair (Obviously I knew she did but I don't know why I have this thing in me to open my mouth and say something as if it's most appropriate to utter a word or two along with a smile to someone I see every Fridays).

She replies “YES" and her answer was instantly accompanied by her mum's question - "Which look is better on her?"

Damn!!! Must you ask me? Diplomacy seemed to have vanished in me at that point and so I replied, "I think your long hair suited you better." (Of course!!! If you had seen the cut you would wonder who to slap, the mother or the hair dresser, and don't get me wrong, I have no prejudice against the length of a woman's hair as I for one had my hair short but stylish I must add (Alleluia for having a wonderful mom) for most of my growing years!

Her mum replied in defence to her butchery, "A lot of dandruff lar on her head! I had no choice but to cut her hair."

In my head I replied - "like that? Have you no sense of style at all? You made her look like a male lioness!! Yeah it's impossible genetically but with a bad choice for a haircut that’s achievable, plus a horrid haircut can destroy a young girl's self confidence!!"

Anyway, as the above remained in my head, my mouth vocalised a more constructive reply - "So has cutting her hair solved the problem?" To which the answer was undoubtedly a "NO", I went on saying, "Well of course not! Lengthy hair is not the cause of dandruff.. It's the pH of your scalp as well as the stress level that increases the problem. (Don't get me started about stress level - this poor girl has a lot to deal with, with her mother alone who constantly condemns her in various ways, matter and manner. I know this because those condemnations are the highlight of her mum's Friday conversations here in the Kumon waiting area and I always answer in defence of her daughter! I wonder if anyone else sees that lady’s narcissism!!)

I further said to her to use Sunsilk Anti Dandruff Shampoo, Conditioner and the leave-in lotion is a must for it works wonders. Read my post on it and you'll understand my stand on this:

As soon as both mother and daughter walked out, I heard the girl say to her mum, "See I told you my long hair had nothing to do with it and I looked better with my hair long!!!"

Oooopssss! LOL..

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