Nov 30, 2012

Diamonds are forever..

I walked past a gorgeous diamond gold bangle today and as I gazed on the price tag (RM28K) I laughed to myself saying, "I'd rather book myself a Europe Tour than spend that amount on a jewellery." I don't know how far 28K ringgit would take me around the European Continent (not far probably) but I'd much prefer a week of memory to a bangle that may or may not be with me for the rest of my life as I could probably even loose my hand to a thief while wearing one.

The older I grow, the more my fancy for gold is depleting. Is this normal? Could it be because it is getting so ridiculously expensive that I have turned my head away from it? Or is it because I almost got snatched after a tutorial class at Serdang Raya? I think it's all of the above.

Diamond is a girl's best friend which means the 7 diamonds in my engagement ring, which some people had to disregard it as "stupid" because it seems an engagement ring must be of a single diamond alone, is technically my 7 best friends? Those diamonds on my ring will be all the diamond I'm ever going to own and wish to wear safely someday. As for anything else, I would definitely op for a tour, instead of looking at the tour strapped to my wrist. After all diamonds are forever.. So 7 is (forever x 7) for me!

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