Nov 2, 2012

Don’t Butcher Her Hair!

 I honestly had a tough time coming up with a title for this post of mine but I seriously need to ask this - why do mothers butcher their girl's hair in the name of a solution to dandruff problem?

Allow me to brief you on this one point - many things crop up for me while waiting in my son's Kumon class every Fridays. Today I noticed this 14 year old girl who had such lovely mid length hair standing in front of me looking drastically different. Short, bushy, dry and out of control. Yes they are the same adjectives I would use for describing a lion's mane.

I smiled at her and asked if she had cut her hair (Obviously I knew she did but I don't know why I have this thing in me to open my mouth and say something as if it's most appropriate to utter a word or two along with a smile to someone I see every Fridays).

She replies “YES" and her answer was instantly accompanied by her mum's question - "Which look is better on her?"

Damn!!! Must you ask me? Diplomacy seemed to have vanished in me at that point and so I replied, "I think your long hair suited you better." (Of course!!! If you had seen the cut you would wonder who to slap, the mother or the hair dresser, and don't get me wrong, I have no prejudice against the length of a woman's hair as I for one had my hair short but stylish I must add (Alleluia for having a wonderful mom) for most of my growing years!

Her mum replied in defence to her butchery, "A lot of dandruff lar on her head! I had no choice but to cut her hair."

In my head I replied - "like that? Have you no sense of style at all? You made her look like a male lioness!! Yeah it's impossible genetically but with a bad choice for a haircut that’s achievable, plus a horrid haircut can destroy a young girl's self confidence!!"

Anyway, as the above remained in my head, my mouth vocalised a more constructive reply - "So has cutting her hair solved the problem?" To which the answer was undoubtedly a "NO", I went on saying, "Well of course not! Lengthy hair is not the cause of dandruff.. It's the pH of your scalp as well as the stress level that increases the problem. (Don't get me started about stress level - this poor girl has a lot to deal with, with her mother alone who constantly condemns her in various ways, matter and manner. I know this because those condemnations are the highlight of her mum's Friday conversations here in the Kumon waiting area and I always answer in defence of her daughter! I wonder if anyone else sees that lady’s narcissism!!)

I further said to her to use Sunsilk Anti Dandruff Shampoo, Conditioner and the leave-in lotion is a must for it works wonders. Read my post on it and you'll understand my stand on this:

As soon as both mother and daughter walked out, I heard the girl say to her mum, "See I told you my long hair had nothing to do with it and I looked better with my hair long!!!"

Oooopssss! LOL..

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