Nov 28, 2012

International School - Practice before You Preach!

I had quite an experience visiting an international school today. The administrators had an odd way of promoting the school - they were busy making racial discriminatory statements in efforts to proof how quality and not commercialism is their aim in education.

Anyone would agree that if a person speaks of quality, they should first and foremost show they have it themselves! Reason for saying this is because in their 1000 plus banners around Negeri Sembilan, advertising their soon to open school, they had failed miserably in showing quality information on it to the public.

Here's why:
1. It had a website address that doesn't connect to its server. I had been trying to connect to it for more than 24 hours.

2. It failed to provide the location, other than it being in Seremban.

3. It had 2 contact numbers, one was a mobile number and the other was a land line. I tried the mobile, but no answer, then proceeded to the land line, to which the lady who answered told me, "this is not the school number, but the country club, please call the mobile number." WOW!!!!

4. It has proudly tagged itself as - THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IN SEREMBAN. Looks like someone did not do their research properly as Kolej Tengku Ja'afar is the first, with 20 years of establishment.

Do you think I'm going to send my kids there when I move out of Klang Valley? Hell NO!!!!!

You don't make racial remarks thinking you can win our wallets! You have failed on all level of being " International" the minute you condemn another race! And you had gladly done so in front of kids who could have potentially become your students. A school needs to show credibility, respect, and authenticity both in advertising and customer service but this school has failed on all levels of such requirements, sadly.

Why do I feel that the more I study about ethics of communication, the more I'm being made to believe that everyone who studied it, has no idea how to practice it!!!

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