Nov 8, 2012

Moving Forward!

Watching the US Presidency Election was quite an anxious task. My TV screen was on CNN and my husband and I tackled questions of what if Romney wins or what if Obama?
And when Barack crossed the 270 mark, we just couldn’t stop smiling at each other along with tears rolling down my cheeks.
They've won the next 4 years!! Obama and his democratic team showed towards what America is shifting, uniting as one nation to serve one nation. Moving forward to becoming yet again the model of a great country.
I can’t help but cry to see this win!
I waited eagerly to listen to OBAMA’s victory speech the 2nd time after 4 years and his 25minutes speech was fantastic! 4 years ago, I remember listening to his speech with my husband and now again, no wonder he says he’s usually back on leave and by chance to watch the elections of the United State’s President Live here in Malaysia.

It was dynamic, positively boisterous, and hair raising amazing! To see everyone gathered awaiting their president to present his victory speech was simply awesome that I wished I was there, almost to wishing I was an American myself!!

Don’t get me wrong, I truly love Malaysia and being Malaysian, but sometimes I tend to, like most Malaysians or rather non-Americans to suddenly feel the height of joy and wish I were an American myself. To be in the land where nothing is impossible! Then again, I know that if you put your mind, heart and soul to anything, nothing will be impossible no matter which soil you stand upon.

I wish this dynamic, empathetic, peace loving, INTROVERT (so am I!!!) 44th US President all the best in his 2nd term and may he accomplish all he had set forward for US and their relationship with the world.

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