Dec 13, 2012

Have Yourself An App-Merry App-mas!

This morning as I read this advert email in my inbox, I immediately recalled what my husband said a couple of months ago after he got himself a smart phone - “Everything has an APP, one day even to take a ‘dump' you would require an APP!”

No I’m not advertising on behalf of App Store or National Geographic for that matter, but as much as these Apps have their fair share of absolutely fantastic ones to totally disastrous ones, I am no less a fan of Apps especially if the are “FREE!” (Hey! I’m Malaysian, what do you expect?)

Apps, free or purchased with a price can be recommended to others or given as a gift to someone you like.

"Gift an App this Mother’s Day" Father’s Day, Graduation Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween.. name it, they’ve got it an App appropriate for gifting purposes!

Now the season of CHRISTmas is here and guess what, you can gift an App too!
I wonder if they have an App to connect with JESUS, MARY, JOSEPH, the SHEPHERD BOY, or one of the TREE WISE MEN. Could they have an App to tell you the astronomy of that Northern Star?
Or is it that hideous SMASH SANTA App?

Many depend on Apps to tells us where to go for what we want, how to cook, how to do photography, how and more how.. I’m not being cynical when I say all this, like I mentioned earlier, I am a big fan of FREE APPS and have personally spent a bomb of USDs on Apps as well, but when it comes to CHRISTmas.. I think I’d like the traditional style of gift giving and receiving.. physically taking the time to get something or make something for the ones you love, and if you don’t have the luxury of time to do so, a warm hug on any of those 12 days of Christmas would be simply wonderful enough.

I hate to think that maybe someday in the near future we would have an App to represent or replace us at home for Christmas.  Everyone is virtually present, carving an App roasted turkey with an App knife and saying cheers with our App wine glasses made filled with App wine? An App CHRISTmas tree, an App Fire Place, an App House? Or have we already started that App-FULL lifestyle? Virtually being somewhere while you’re physically somewhere else, without any fussing around for flight tickets and annual leave, just send the tablet or pad ahead of the season to your family, gift them an App and tell them to go on Viber or Facetime and I’ll see you there on Christmas! May be this will serve immensely well for those stuck in duty and obligations that require their presence, a matter of life and death, or to connect to their friends and relatives in distant places, video chats are fabulous indeed but sadly even those who can make home, sends themselves home via an APP! Ah.. I know it’s the choice one makes for what they prioritise most.

Anyway, back in the 80s many believed robots were going to rule the world, I’d like to say may be the APPs beat them to it!

So have yourself an App- Merry App-mas and a App-Wonderful 2013!!

Dec 4, 2012

Christ for Christmas!

Christ for Christmas!
(By Jennifer F Netto)

Christ is the reason for this season,
not Santa Clause or materialism,
Pray in our hearts for love and peace,
Not Santa and his gifts!

Remember our Saviour born two thousand years ago,
His Mom rode a donkey not in the snow,
He was born in a manger not on a bed,
Not in the North Pole, eating cookies or cakes.

His birth was feared by a selfish King,
Who wanted Him dead more than anything.
Who would think a child could be such a threat?
Many died for Him to live, only to be nailed for us instead!

He rode no sleigh up in the sky,
Nor flown with reindeers he selected.
With ordinary men He called disciples,
He walked through dust to spread his message of love for a world our Father created.

Now this world has seen his death,
Yet choose to forget the very essence of His birth.
We decorate our homes but not our hearts,
With Santa every corner and a tree not grown in dirt.

Is this season a mere reason for indulging in the works of the world?
Where we feed our stomachs with food and booze,
But heed not the sufferers amongst us?

He came to us that one special night,
To save us from our sins, not shop in streets so bright.
With songs of snow, reindeers and sleighs.
Of balls and bells that rang not the night He came.

Fill our hearts with prayer, spreading goodwill and peace.
Placing Christ in the middle as we bring hope with glee.

In that way we would not have mistaken the purpose of His birth,
Which is God's love and forgiveness for mankind that makes Christ not Santa the reason for our Christmas!


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