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Where Are We On The PISA Map?

If a society is not capable of SELF-ASSESSMENT or SELF-CRITICISM, then it is not a MATURE SOCIETY (V.S.Naipaul).

Let's put that in context of our Ministry of Education and our current state especially since the PISA results have shown where Malaysia stands in the face of the earth - is MOE mature enough to put aside political agendas and truly FOCUS on the future of this country?

My other big question is this :
Is MOE truly sincere in their OBJECTIVES and are their OBJECTIVES structured and equipped for the need and expectations of the 21st Century and globalisation?

We have reached 56 years of Independence and right now we stand behind Vietnam and a step ahead of Indonesia and tucked comfortably in the bottom 30% in regards to the performance of Math, Science and Reading. By the way, I am not looking down on Indonesia nor have I been looking down on Vietnam when I saw the results. In fact, I wasn't even the least shocked! I'm actually disgusted with the arrogance of our l…


To know more about the objectives of ASPIRES please visit the Facebook Group Every parent and citizen has a responsibility towards making sure their children and their children's children gain the best quality in education without any forms of inequality. ELITE? NON-ELITE? Who's to say what your child is and is not?  Who's to say where your child should go and should not?
WE WANT One education for all with no double standards. If IGCSE and IB syllabus can be given to MRSMs why not every national school? and the OPTION for the teaching and learning of Maths and Science in English (PPSMI). Is 2 subjects that governs the world economy going to make you lose your identity learning it in English?  Wouldn't you have your children taught in English with the necessary terms at primary level itself instead of seeing them suffer when they step into tertiary education or upon graduating only to end up being an unemployable grad because our Government fail to equip them with what…

Exclusivity of The BOLEH-LAND

The verdict is out!
Now thanks to the Court of Appeal, Christians in Malaysia have no rights to using the word Allah for GOD for those who speak in Malay. Well to be exact, only HERALD has no rights to publishing it in their Malay section of their paper, because last night, permissions have been given to those in Sabah and Sarawak (the Borneo states of Malaysia) to the use of ALLAH in the Indonesian Malay bibles and in their daily worship in church. WHY? Mr. Prime Minister suddenly realised he has just set his seat on fire and this could cost him big time in the next general elections, is it? End of the day it seems that's all they worry about. Not the actual logic of the matter itself.

No. Don't get me wrong. I don't care for that linguistic rights personally, because Malay is not my mother tongue nor is it my Lingua Franca as it is for the Bornean Christians, whom after 50 years of being part of Malaysia, is now told that they have no rights to calling their GOD Allah, w…


Have you noticed how many times we ask kids what they want to be when they grow up and then once they are all grown up, the lesser the question arises? Or we tell them to be something else instead? Well, if you have not noticed it, you should now on because it is very common in us adults to do that to little children.

We constantly ask them what they want to be when they are older, and every time they answer us, the answer would differ. I knew mine did from wanting to be a policewoman, to a teacher then a dentist, a lawyer, and finally, I didn't know what I wanted to be anymore nor did anyone ask me again. My results and opportunities decided what I could be, mainly because I didn't come from a family that was wealthy enough to put me where I wanted to be (which was not something I even knew).

Now as a parent to 3 kids of my own, this question seems to constantly flash itself at my children by others. I know my daughter has transited her ambitions- chef to artist to scientist …

Of ChildrenS and Guest of HonourS

CJ : "Mama, the words that needed an "S" they never said it with an "S" but the words that didn't need an "S" they put an "S" and their grammar is so bad! THEIR ENGLISH IS SO HORRIBLE, MA!"

That's the language analysis my 6 year old son gave me after his graduation ceremony. He was mainly referring to those who spoke on the microphone from the stage - the Master of Ceremony, the Vice Executive of the organisation, and the lady in charge of calling out the names of the graduates to collect their scroll. Everything was nice except when they opened their mouth to speak in English!

My son was not the only one who bickered, I was bickering too from the start, drilling my husband about so many things that ticked my spine which incidentally ticked his as well. Dress code which Malaysians fail to comply with. It's as if every where and anywhere people think a t-shit and a pair of shorts are the perfect attire for FORMAL WEAR! Secon…

Ways to Identify a Disappointed Malaysian

This thought just came to me when I looked at a few of my friends' albums and found a similarity among each one of them. So as the title of my post clearly states.. here are the ways to identify a disappointed Malaysian via the social network platform.

If you are friends with a Malaysian on the social network platform.. and you find any one or all of the above (although the yellow and black do some in various different styles like an all yellow submarine, or a yellow flower, or spongebob squarepants, black car, black punching gloves, etc..) in their profile either as a profile picture or somewhere in their album, you will know they are the Malaysians who feel cheated, betrayed and taken for a ride a.k.a DISAPPOINTED by the politics in our country! 

A disappointed Malaysian would also subscribe to the following news networks.. so if you see them share, repost or retweet links from these sites, you can somehow know.. they are bugged by disappointments being a Malaysian. 

We are howe…

From Miley to Davuluri

Are the people on Twitter ruling the world?
Well, apparently they do but are we letting the dumb ones rule? That's my big question!

Weeks ago we heard the havoc of Twitter over Miley's performance at VMA 2013 and now that that had died off, it's Miss America 2014 - Nina Davuluri going all hot in bombardment on Twitter.
I feel rather sad to know that some Americans don't know the difference between Indians and Arabs.

Then again, we in Malaysia are no better, what do we say about people calling Indian Muslims as Malays, and Indian Christians as Eurasians? I give up honestly! It's as if, if you are not Hindu and Indian you are not Indian at all. REALLY? Get your race and religion classifications right la people...please (or be like our PM and call yourselves 1Malaysia but treat everyone according to their race first).

Indians, Arab, well in reality many out there don't even know where Malaysia is or even exist. I have met many who knew Thailand, Penang and Singapo…

Are We Really Fighting For God?

The past few days have had me thinking even more about how irresponsible our leaders are becoming especially since the announcement by JAKIM over what words that can and cannot be uttered or written by a non-muslim ( and then the prediction of public disorder if the court permits the Catholic church to use "Allah" for God in the Al-Kitab (

This morning after flipping through the many irrational articles, I stumbled upon this NEIGHBOURS-IN-SPIRIT and I felt happy to know that somewhere out there in Malaysia, we still have wonderful scenarios of inter-religious respect and harmony.

We Malaysians were a society who CO-EXISTED well before and I believe we still do in many ways and many places but is this a vision and aspiration of only the or…

The Modern Day Memorial

This might come as a joke to many but honestly, as I thought about it, I did giggle to myself too. The reality of the Internet era is such that, these days we almost only live on the net. What many in the previous Millennium jokingly predicted has in fact become a reality.

Social Media has allowed many of us to represent and reflect who we are and what we are all about through our activities online. Many share their joyous moments through the pictures they post. We express our emotions through the emoticons and stickers (Oh I love those minion stickers on FB now) after a mini blogging, we scream our hearts and do therapy by posting inspirational quotes, we attack our haters and enemies via social media, we fight for change online, we tell the government what drives us mad by commenting on news posts (they even have a term for such people - KEYBOARD WARRIORS), make announcements of births and birthdays, house warming and holiday getaways, marriages and even death on the social media be…

The Debate on RON 95

My husband woke up today announcing to me the hottest headlines in Malaysia - RON 95 increased by 20cents per litre, and my reply to him was "YUP SO I'VE READ! It's plastered everywhere on the social media!

Because he was out last night with his buddies, he told me the petrol stations were hogged and everyone was trying to get their last full tank at the old price (nothing new as well). I of course just laughed and shook my head and he asked me why.

Let's do some Math shall we?
A full tank = RM80 and with 1.90 you get 42litres of Ron 95
Now at 2.10/l you will get 38litres of Ron95 for RM80
Short by 4 litres (RM7.60 of the old price)

Now let's consider the time one would have spent at that station last night in that hogging queue?
Now let's consider also the fact that you've saved 7.60 and would go down the street later and indulge in a RM14 Latte at Starbucks or a packet of cigarette or something absolutely unnecessary and could do without. Does it seem so…

What A Waste!

I don't know if it's just me or what but I get so mad when I see the hosts of cooking shows throw away so much raw material just to make a dish. Giada of 'Giada at Home' is one of them. To make a salad, she practically discarded 3/4 of the outer lettuce so as to use only the inner part because (listen to this) that's what she likes the most. 

That's what she likes the most?

I wonder what she would do if her life took a 180 degree turn and to get just that outer leaf of a salad would be a miracle (as is the case of so many around the world). 
It's just disgusting to see someone brag over class, poise and liking while completely disregarding their wasteful actions. (Her salad dish by the way is just one of the items that ticked me off, she does this wasteful thing almost always if you watch her show) 

Don't worry, I know how everything is sponsored and everything is for the TV purpose but think about it, wasting raw material and cooked food is not som…


I have been sitting on this page for the past 2 days, wondering what I should say.

After my many failed attempts of coming up with something in this post, I decided to turn my title into a question instead. 
Am I proud to be a Malaysian?

Well, I instantaneously answered myself, "Why shouldn't I be?"

The Media has been trying hard to ignite the spirit of Merdeka, although you don't see it in the air as much as it used to be in the past.
As much as there's a lot of bickering going on with the current government (who's always been our government since Independence, so much so I think we freed ourselves from Colonialism and got ourselves attached to 'Barisanism') and not a single day has passed us by since GE13, without a ridiculous news in the media of someone saying something senseless, pointless, baseless, etc etc etc (end of thinking capacity). The bullshit in the news is just too much to handle that it gives us a nauseating headache most of the time.…

The Issue With "Allah"

You know the saying, "When a FOOL is corrected, he gets mad, but when a wise man is corrected he appreciates and learns"? Well, you can apply that directly in the issue faced in Malaysia over the use of the name Allah for the sole purpose of respecting language amongst the Malay speaking Catholics in Malaysia.

It just sickens me to see how Malaysia needs to shut people down when they speak the truth while fools get to go on talking crap and claim its theology and Islamic civilisation. So if the Vatican Rep, Joseph Marino's apology is not enough, for his mere opinion which is based on historic truth to be exact, what do these people want in order to stop feeling threatened? Oh yes, he needs to LEAVE THE COUNTRY right? Only then will these people feel glorious and mighty that they stood up for what they claim. (Although I must say, Marino should have done his homework before coming to Malaysia! Anyone who knows Malaysia, must know what you can and cannot say in this country…

The Kid and His Potato Chip Packet - My Story For Today

As I waited in front of Belle's school today, my eyes locked on 2 boys leaning on the wall fence busy yapping with each other while 1 of them had his hand sticking out of the fence holding a potato chip packet. 

Looking at him, I sensed what he was going to do - he was going to drop the trash out on the ground in front of the school and as my thought ended, he did it! He actually checked his parameters and cooly let his fingers go off the packet and walah.. he has thrown his trash. He probably thought that was the end of his story with that miserable packet but guess what? It wasn't!
My hand automatically hit my car horn (as if it had a mind of its own) so hard as the packet left his grip and the school guard walked up behind those boys, overlooking them to see who honked.
The 2 of them were looking around too and I got out of my car, walked up to the fence and asked the kid, as I pointed my finger to the packet, what was his problem in looking for a trash bin to throw his tra…

The Holy Month of Ramadan & Belle

Last week CJ came home with a picture he coloured in school which said MONTH OF RAMADAN and it was on our study table along with our books and reading materials till yesterday, being the first day of Ramadan and Belle's official experience of the fasting month in a public school, since previously being in a private school with only a handful of Malays and Muslim, she had no experience of personally seeing someone fast, other than for ourselves during our Holy Month of LENT but even then I have not put my kids on a fasting ritual yet.

Belle came home with a new recess instruction for the non-muslims in school.

Recess was shortened slightly, which meant the non muslims would have to eat faster and get back to class sooner than usual. She was not upset with the arrangement, but what impressed me most was what she did last night. While arranging the books on the study table, she saw CJ's colouring and she looked at it for a while and turned to ask me if she could place it on our f…


Efforts of making progress in English in our Malaysian National Schools are being taken very seriously by a good number of Malaysian parents for the future generation. As we know the level of English proficiency amongst majority of Malaysians are poor and efforts to improvise this condition has not seen the light of seriousness despite the increased numbers of UNEMPLOYABLE graduates Malaysia has been producing year after year.

Despite the reality of poor efficiency, there are a great number of children who speak and write well in English, and could excel a lot more if they were given the opportunity to be educated in English and many parents feel the need to see the ambitions and visions of these children be lifted and promoted by having them educated in an English Medium-National Type School here in Malaysia.

While we have the Chinese and Tamil type schools to cater for those who speak Chinese and Tamil as their first language, we feel it is only right to have those who speak English…

Another Day..

A new day should never be addressed as JUST ANOTHER day.  Many long for one more day to make things right,
to start what they have planned and to finish what they have started. One more day to say I love you. One more day to say good bye.

While you have that day given to you as you awoke with the sunrise, embrace the beauty of it as a gift and make the most out of it.

Whether you spend lazing it away, or by planning a monumental development for a nation, the day is yours to cherish doing what you love and with whom you love, living it right, living it with gratitude.  I know how many times I wished I had one more day with my loved ones for me to embrace them.

Don't take it for granted and don't use the wrong words to address a gift either.
 "JUST" means simply; only; no more than. I doubt another 24hours given to us means that.

Whatever may be bugging you, don't let it cloud the value of this gift given to you.
You hold the key to making the best out of anything…

Your Light Will Burn Within Me

Eleven years have passed from your passing away,
but it feels like it was just yesterday,
you spoke to me the night before you left,
and shared what you wished for me to last.

I don't know what your life in that realm is like,
but I bet you are in much delight,
to be closer to the God you love,
and the man you honoured throughout your life.

I miss you so much, that much I know,
this life without you, feels shallow and cold,
but the strength I saw in your life helps me keep my spirits high,
to know that no matter what, God will always be by my side.

I wished you had the chance to hold my kids,
to pamper and shower them with your love and bliss,
but I take consolation that though you are not with them,
they know you, love you and I see you in them.

Rest in peace my dearest mummy,
rest in the grace our God gives us,
for the land you walk on now is where I am destined to be,
trusting I will someday meet you in eternity.

Till that day comes, take comfort that you have taught me right…

Life Is Responding To You

I believe the words in the picture above just says it all.  Life is not happening to you. it's responding to you. Study its responses and embrace it for acceptance of a job well done or a sign for personal change. How you act to it is how it will react to you.
Reminds me of those times I've heard people say, they don't know why others hurt them so much.  In a similar way, this is the answer. How others treat you is usually their reaction to what you act on them.

All it takes is ONE

Today was a remarkable day for me, my Belle and her 30 classmates and here is why. During the last school break, I decided to throughly look through Belle's activity books and before I could go through her English book, she brought a complain to me.  Apparently her English teacher had them do 3 pages from the activity book which required them to listen to an audio/reading from the teacher's part before attempting to answer the questions.

Obviously this was the section for 'listening skill'. The teacher was apparently too busy with the preparation of English week and she asked them to do these 3 pages themselves despite knowing, correct answers can only be obtained upon them listening to something, despite Belle asking her, "But this is a listening activity!"
So i decided to do what I always did back when Belle was in Sri Sedaya, write a note on the top of the page and ask Belle to go and show it to the teacher.

While Sedaya, it was usually addressed to her BM …