Feb 27, 2013


The Oscars... The greatest award show!
And thanks to my ASTRO PVR, I recorded the live show and watched it as a delayed live so I could get rid of all the advertisements. Initially I was forwarding the ads alone then I ended up forwarding the speeches of the oscar winners and gladly I did the same for the host Seth MacFarlene!

Seth, to me was a complete disgrace to an award so great as the Oscars!
His certainly had no class in his choice of jokes and he hosted it as if it were one of his stand up show at a run down bar in some dark alley!
Doesn’t anyone look carefully into the script the host should be presenting or is that the standards of the Academy Awards now?
He sucked big time ok!

Well, back to the Oscars ignoring Seth of course, I’m happy Anne Hathaway got the Best Supporting Actress, she earned it, but sadly the Prada dress she wore which looked best from the back alone, was nothing close to what she deserved.

I’m so proud Life of Pi took home 4 awards and Ang Lee received the best director award (however he shouldn’t have said - "I have no time for all these people now!” but since the movie was fabulous, I’ll excuse you for the butterfly in your tummy that got out of your mouth when you said that!).

I need to watch that movie Silver Lining Playbook. Was it good? I mean did Jennifer Lawrence really deserved an Oscar for it? and oh, did Argo deserve the award for best picture? Seriously?

OSCARS - Expect the unexpected, now that sounds like a better tag line for the show, don’t you think?

And now, my favourite part of all - the best dress woman at the Oscars, for me it's most definitely Sandra Bullock! She looked stunning radiant in her sheer black Elie Saab Haute Couture gown, diamond earrings and bejewelled barrette. My God! Superb! She out beats all others!

The best dressed male would be Channing Tatum although I must say Hugh Jackman’s suit which he wore on stage while performing that absolutely fantastic piece from Les Misérables was gorgeous! Did you notice how his jacket had such lovely embroidery? 

So what’s it going to be for the Oscars next year? 

Hope this year gives us some fabulous movies as it did last year.

Tomorrow will be my first movie for 2013 at the cinemas - Jack The Giant Slayer.

What better way to celebrate my 36th birthday than to watch a movie that premiers on my day to a story I loved as a kid- Jack and The Beanstalk. I like how Belle says it, “What’s up with all the SLAYER SLAYER in all these movie titles lar MA?”  

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