Feb 25, 2013

What are you thinking?

As I drove my son to school today, I asked him what he was thinking because he looked so lost in his thoughts. He of course replied, “nothing”, smiled at me and went back into his thoughts again. I decided to throw some suggestions of what I thought he might be thinking about and I got the first one right - “are you thinking about what you want to do today on your XBox?” and he nodded a YES and became shy.

I remember my niece sharing this with me once, how when she was a kid only her physical body went to school but her mind was still stuck on the game she left unfinished the night before. She felt a sense of entrapment and decided to be the master of the issue rather than to drown in and loose out on life. Amazingly, she was so young back then, yet she was able to make such a remarkable choice - that explains her flying colours!

Can addiction be beneficial in anyway?

If you're addicted to reading, no one usually complains.
But what happens if you’re addicted to video games? I mean ok, not addicted but stuck on it mentally even if you’re not on it physically?

As a parent, I keep track of the number of hours they spend on their devices as well as the type of games they play (making sure they are age appropriate), but how do I tap into their mind?

I cannot tell them what not to think, they’d just not admit to those thoughts once you start saying those sort of things, but I could engage into a conversation with them as often as I can to help them cognitively while idly sitting in the car on their drives. As soon as you see them drift away in thoughts, start a mental activity with them, a quiz, a “I spy with my little eye” game while driving them to school or extra-activities. 

Of course at home, I make sure there is  time for homework, time for book reading, art, TV (most definitely!), music and games, but I guess the split moments in between those activities; when they are taking a dump, or showering, you have no control of those thoughts - You just need to let go and let GOD! 

Coach them well, plan their timetable, socialise with them and PRAY they grow up to be responsible individuals and once you’ve coached, planned, socialised and prayed you could just switch on that XBox and do some kickboxing yourself! (No one said parenting had to be a HITLER-ized event) 

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