Feb 5, 2013

Yes There’s Always Two Side To A Story - The Truth and The Other Truth!

Have you noticed how good news would always have just one side to its story?
The only variation in that version would be the height of grandiosity it holds.

However it almost never seems so when the news is BAD - news on separation, divorce, family fights and misunderstandings etc.
Like most would say - “There’s always 2 sides to a story just as there’s always 2 sides to a coin!” Well I would certainly agree that there are 2 sides to a coin, because both sides make the coin what it is.

How then would 2 sides of the story not be 2 truths to a story? End of the day people say what they need to say to either spread the truth, or make people believe in them no matter what the truth is. It’s after all their perspective to their situation.

But what would you do if you had to stand in the middle of this 2 sides?
Most people would say nothing and do nothing and probably just go missing..
Some would amplify the story and make a 3rd and 4th side..
Some would take your problems and say they are having a hard time dealing with our hard times, and make you wonder since when this is your problem to be constipated with?
Some would listen to you, and help you plot your revenge.
Some would listen to you then blame you for everything even when they know you are not at fault.

How would you choose your side?
Would you chose base on what you believe is right and only the truth or would you choose base on your loyalty to the person telling his/her story?

If you asked me, I would choose base on loyalty and pray that the person whom I’m loyally standing up for is telling me the truth and if I can mend a situation to make it better, I most certainly would.
But if I learn that it is a lie or is being ruthless to the situation, I would not step into their boat cause I’d rather stand at the side and watch them sink alone. In the case where I did stand up for someone and later learn I was made to believe their lies, I know they would pay for their sins not me.

For me there are 2 sides to any story - THE TRUTH and YOUR TRUTH! and which ever version it may be, the one telling the story will forever hold accountable for their own words because in the end you can fool the ones around you but God knows the truth. He knows your motives and plots, he knows the darkest secrets and he knows the depth of your heart, if you are genuine and sincere or if you are a fake. He knows everything and in his own time and way, he will deal with you the way he sees fit for you!

If you do not believe in the existence of God, fret not, “GUILT” will do the job!

So don’t worry if the person you stood up for decided to take you for a ride into believing them.. because that person would soon be in for a ride they won’t ever forget!

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