Mar 8, 2013

International Women’s Day 2013

I honestly have mixed feelings about celebrating International Women’s Day.
Besides celebrating the success of women in various different fields, have we women truly succeeded in our evolution through time?
May be we have come a long way from how our kind has been treated in the past, and certainly such a day is wonderful to celebrate the many women who have fought for women’s rights especially for violence against women, but has violence against women actually stopped or reduced for that matter?
We still see so much in the news about women being raped, abused, murdered, trafficked, cheated, victims of child marriages and women who are condemned for standing up for their own rights and these are just what's reported. 3/4 go unnoticed by anyone other than the victim itself.

I think the question I would like to ask on this day is how we as women ourselves respect other women?

We are so quick to throw sly remarks at women who make us feel jealous and threatened.

We are so quick to call a lady a SLUT or a FLIRT because she’s had 1 too many boyfriends not considering, she might just be looking for the right one, or non of the men are committing to those relationships or worthy of her?

We are so quick to blame and condemn the women who deals with domestic violence, condemn the woman who’s husband is cheating on her,  condemn the woman who has to go to work leaving her children at home and condemn the one who says NO to being taken for granted and chooses to divorce rather than be abused and be used.

Quick to blame the dressing of a women who got raped.
Quick to blame the women who’s child got molested.
Quick to accuse a woman of sleeping around when they are at a higher positions.
Quick to destroy the reputation of another woman who doesn’t think the way they do.
Quick to put them down because they are better at some things than ourselves.
Quick to treat others like they are not worthy of life.

I admit that I am at times guilty of saying a couple of these myself and felt like a rotting apple after doing it because I know its wrong, and that I had allowed my anger to get the better of me. In fact I have also been on the receiving end of some of this claims and accusations. It can never be right to condemn someone else, more so someone you don’t know. Just because one is insecure and unhappy, doesn’t give them the right to trash another around even if its behind their backs. Then again, for the women who has it all, you have to count your blessings because you could loose it all in the blink of an eye as well. Watch what your tongue can’t see. Say not what your ears won’t like to hear if it’s directed to you.

So if you think you are worthy of being a woman, how about trying to treat other women with some worthy respect as well? You don’t need 24 hours of 8th March to remind you of it, you are exactly the same gender as these other ladies and that’s great enough a reminder of how to treat another of your kind.

Like the famous quote which many of us already know IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!

Let’s award ourselves by watching our tongues and our thoughts, as we show our hands and our hearts to all the women on earth.. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!

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