Mar 8, 2013

Oz! The Great And Powerful

Zim Zala Bim!
Oz! How I'm glad I got to watch this movie with my kiddos. My kiddos love the story of Wizard of Oz, and this movie was a wonderful preview to what comes next, Dorothy’s adventure into Emerald City.

If you’ve watched the movie, you would realise how Oz represents many of us in real life. A person who wants to reach great heights but had no means or clue of how to use his capabilities to getting there till encouraged by the simplest gift a person could ever have - friendship.

It also carries a good lesson for women not to be fooled by the charms of a man, as most of them have hidden agendas. Theodora, had to learn it the hard way, although I must say for being witch, she hardly had intuition in her. She couldn’t foresee her own destiny. Or is that a trait of a fairy? Ah well, anyway, you’d clearly though not explicitly see how Oz get a second chance at life, and what he couldn’t do right in his first, he tries to fool through in the 2nd as well, but circumstances has its way to changing a person, either in a good way or bad, and you’d have to watch the movie to know that yourself.

You must know I don’t review movies, I lick the icing of the cake and tell you if I like it. I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for you, cause I don’t like it when others do it for me.

Go watch it and enjoy it! James Franco is so cute with his smile and goofy expressions, the perfect cast for the character of OZ if you asked me. Thank God they didn’t give the role to Johnny Depp. As much as I like him, its nice to see a new face in such an act. Mila Kunis’s act caught me by surprise. Expected to see the girl who acted in That 70s show to be in this but nope, thank God she left that dumb slutty act in that show and came to this presenting herself as a perfect woman who later turns into a beast all because of her own assumptions over a jackass. Ooops, did I reveal too much?

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