Apr 27, 2013

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto

The first time I heard this piece was back in 2008 (played then by another guy on youtube) and I remember how the music lifted my subconscious mind to a place no words could describe then as it still does now. 
It’s soulful and mesmerising. 
It makes you feel entirely consumed by the heavenly gift of music and the way Ryuichi Sakamoto plays it, is as if he stood at the gates of heaven playing it. 
Such poise and elegance. 
Honestly, I just can’t get enough of this song!
This to me is PERFECTION! 

Apr 26, 2013

Drama Minggu Ini!

With the general elections just a week more, Malaysians are bombarded with dramatic advertisements and stunts of the political parties contending for votes. From very pathetic ads to disrespectful ones, there seems to be no end to what the political parties want to influence the RAKYAT with, but what tops it all is this picture below.

pic from friends of BN-Barisan National (FB Page)

Hilarious I say!
How on earth can anyone in the right mind say this man is actually trying to experience what we Malaysians are experiencing? Does he think by taking the public transport (of which we do appreciate but know for a fact we could have it better than what is given to us - after all, we did once have the tallest building in the world which stands proudly erected in the middle the actual mess of a city) any one of us would be swayed into believing he cares or any of his cronies for that matter?

How about after this 'on-set' LRT ride, he goes for a bus ride during peak hours and stand under sweating armpits of construction workers all sardined in bus for a can? Or go and wait for the infamous KTM Commuter that breaks down anytime and every time for no apparent reason in the crappy dustbin like stations that this government has built for the RAKYAT that doesn’t shelter the users from rain? Oh yes, we have a fantastic looking KL SENTRAL but have you seen the smaller stations like TIROI? or SUBANG and TEMPLER? and every other stations in between where Malaysians need to get off to go home or use to get on to go to work and school? Not only do they not have a decent roof or room for waiting if it rains, the rotten stations are the site for crimes waiting with a silver plate and a shelter for drug addicts and the homeless! Where are the guards? Lights? Shuttling services that by right should be available for commuters to use upon departing this commuter? Don’t get me started on the hygiene of these places! Are there any toilets that can be used? Have they seen the trash littered around and the vandalised public property?   
We have train service right till almost midnight but is it safe for anyone to use them? 
Will he be there making sure no one gets raped, assaulted or snatched? 
Or will he be silent like how he stayed silent whenever his 1Malaysia ministers discriminate Malaysians for their race and religion or point their fingers at the way women dress as the cause of these crimes?

What the hell is he thinking by putting up this charade? 
Does he thinks Malaysians are bloody-fools to think he and his ministers CARE? 
May be they do think we are FOOLs because 55 years have come and gone and they are still in power?! 
There are scenes like this in many Hollywood movies! 
To me this act wins you NOT an OSCAR, MR. PM!

If he thinks he can win votes by doing such campaigning stunts then he must be living the 19th century! 
I know for sure his wife isn’t living in that timeline! 

Malaysians should stop allowing themselves to be INSULTED by this sort of STUNTS that seems to know no end with this current administration we elected as our government!

GE13 is our chance to practice the power of our VOTE, so VOTE wisely Malaysia. Vote for what you believe MALAYSIA deserves - Better education, better infrastructure, better economy, better lives. Don’t be swayed by the confusions and tactics of the actual perpetrators disguising as caretakers of this country.

pic from www.goodreads.com

Apr 21, 2013

GE13 what's at stake? Preparing ourselves for elections!

Today's turn out at The Visitation Church of Seremban was not a crowd of uncertain people but of one that knew the purpose of their very reason for being Malaysian - to see their land prosper by electing the right government.

Most of us know that it is our moral obligation to vote wisely. But today's talk gave us a clear guideline on what to look out for when we go for that voting this coming May 5th.

Datuk Ambiga mentioned amongst many other things that CHANGE is inevitable as we have experienced change in the last GE12. We must make the effort to vote whomever it is we believe deserves our votes based on the grounds of actions and not words spoken. All talk and no action or worst, promise one thing and doing another behind our backs is not permissible and our votes determine the future of such wrong doers!

The other speaker was Dr Faruq who gave a clear understanding about our Constitution and Religious Rights which was enlightening to many.

Speaker Jerald Joseph, Malaysia's Human Rights Activist and Trainer gave a dynamic speech on our rights as Malaysians and how not to be swayed by money politics especially over the BBR1M money which will not end even if there was a change in Government as that money belonged to the RAKYAT and should be considered a HUTANG that hasn't been cleared by the government to us.

Was an enlightening 1.5hours forum that got many of us cheering on to the concerns we had and the opinions and advices given by the BERSIH leaders as well as the wonderful political jokes and stupid sweeping statements that are and will crop up in the next couple of weeks by various political people in the main stream media and by our EC.

Their words of advice
1. Check your ballot paper!

2. Don't allow the ink to smear on your ballot sheets as EC has decided to mark our left index finger before voting and not after as is done every other country in the world!

3. Don't allow yourself to go through a sudden amnesia before casting your votes. Remember why you are voting or not voting for the names listed on your ballot sheet!

4. Do not stand up for leaders who are racist, who a slanderous, who show no respect for the religious rights of others! And the silence that is accompanied by the main party these politicians are linked to! Silence is not an ANSWER!

5. Remember that 5th May is OUR DAY! Because MALAYSIA IS OURS!

Thank you BERSIH for the talk and thank you to the Fathers of the church of Visitation Seremban for their efforts in wanting the RAKYAT of Malaysia to know and execute their rights and obligations.

Apr 10, 2013

Pink or Blue?

What colour do you think your child would choose if you as a parent hadn't influence them towards it?

Belle hardly had anything pink because I'm not in favour of pink myself. But I didn’t stop her from choosing it fir herself but seriously I'm still puzzled at her disfavour for it.

I never overwhelmed CJ with blue but he somehow goes for blue himself and later as he grew older, he started gender classifying colours based on the kids in school, so much so he asked Belle why don't you carry a pink bag or wear pink like so many other girls do. Pink is for girls right? And blue is for boys! Well AJ loves yellow, and I, purple but most of my stuff are in the shades of brown. Yes brown not grey.

I believe there's a scientific explanation to why kids are drawn to some colours and I'm certain it doesn't always have to be the influence of parents. But in the case of this study The Pink And Blue Project  (article from Salon.com) I wonder who’s living the childhood. The parent or the kid? The photos in this article really gave me a head ache.
To think children are stuck with so much pink and blue, haven't these parents heard of the United Colours Of Benetton?

Apr 9, 2013

Politics - A Wet Market Discussion

Today, instead of hearing the rattling sounds of bargaining at the wet market, I heard the swearing and cursing of several distinct political names which entertained AJ n I while we waited for our Ikan Bawal to be cleaned and chopped.

Listening to these people speak, really got me thinking about the many who actually TRULY depend on the government to make their life a little easier and meaningful but simply failed at receiving it and the many who were cheated and are still being cheated by our dear politicians in power.

As much as I have decided several years ago, to call myself the "expat Malaysian who lives in Malaysia," I too must say the reason for my feeling so distant from my rightful sense of ownership to this land my father shed his blood for, is because our leaders have made me and many I'm sure, feel that this country has gone to a bunch of monkeys who look more into feeding their own family tree and fattening their wallets. Indian first Malaysian after, or vice versa? Well I'm human first than Malaysian lah! When citizens depend on a government, we expect a little respect for even the most little contribution one may bring forward to this country they call home.

Will there ever be a government who would truly care for its people without first caring about themselves? Well by all means care about yourselves but don't rob others to do yourself some TLC! Don't give us an ounce and swindle a gallon and think we are the monkeys you get to control with a bunch of bananas in your hand.

On another note, when you live out of the city, and see the living conditions of many, you'd know how much we haven't developed, or rather progressed fairly. You'd know that many Malays struggle although many non are made to hate their rights. You'd see how many Chinese only own a bicycle and struggle to feed their kids, you'd discover how many Indians don't own anything on this ground to call theirs. But our leaders, supposed leaders, walk in and out of jewellery shops in foreign lands buying stuff they don't need out of the money they don't own. You'd see how politicians are welcomed to officiate a new business upon given a sum of money as payment for the favour, then drives away with the finest things the merchant has brought into his shop for sales. Yes trust me I've heard a fair share of such stories as a kid who followed my mum shopping in the Indian streets of Klang. You think being 10 or 12 I'm busy looking at bangles? Nope, I heard the political talks people made back then and hearing what I did today in the market rang so many bells.

Well one would see and hear a lot more if one just came out of their comfortable zones and took a walk with eyes and ears off one's smart devices. Our leaders use us and once they get what they want, they don't really care anymore till the next round of elections come about. Throw in some road repairs, new pipes, 1Malaysia provision shops and off they go shopping at Jewish Diamond stores and Aussie streets.

As much as I believe you need to help yourself and not expect, hearing and seeing the faces of these few people, and seeing what I see now that I'm no longer a city gal, I'm constantly reminded of the moral obligations our leaders fail to uphold and how much longer are Malaysians going to allow this.

Yes we are a peaceful nation, comparatively speaking.
Yes we are blessed as a nation, but while all this are used to advertise stability by those in power, we must not forget what's happening behind our backs and for many, it happens right in front of their faces, day in and day out.

I for one, being the expat Malaysian in Malaysia, believe this soil needs a change!
So lets give Her what she deserves! (No I'm not talking about Rosmah)

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