Apr 21, 2013

GE13 what's at stake? Preparing ourselves for elections!

Today's turn out at The Visitation Church of Seremban was not a crowd of uncertain people but of one that knew the purpose of their very reason for being Malaysian - to see their land prosper by electing the right government.

Most of us know that it is our moral obligation to vote wisely. But today's talk gave us a clear guideline on what to look out for when we go for that voting this coming May 5th.

Datuk Ambiga mentioned amongst many other things that CHANGE is inevitable as we have experienced change in the last GE12. We must make the effort to vote whomever it is we believe deserves our votes based on the grounds of actions and not words spoken. All talk and no action or worst, promise one thing and doing another behind our backs is not permissible and our votes determine the future of such wrong doers!

The other speaker was Dr Faruq who gave a clear understanding about our Constitution and Religious Rights which was enlightening to many.

Speaker Jerald Joseph, Malaysia's Human Rights Activist and Trainer gave a dynamic speech on our rights as Malaysians and how not to be swayed by money politics especially over the BBR1M money which will not end even if there was a change in Government as that money belonged to the RAKYAT and should be considered a HUTANG that hasn't been cleared by the government to us.

Was an enlightening 1.5hours forum that got many of us cheering on to the concerns we had and the opinions and advices given by the BERSIH leaders as well as the wonderful political jokes and stupid sweeping statements that are and will crop up in the next couple of weeks by various political people in the main stream media and by our EC.

Their words of advice
1. Check your ballot paper!

2. Don't allow the ink to smear on your ballot sheets as EC has decided to mark our left index finger before voting and not after as is done every other country in the world!

3. Don't allow yourself to go through a sudden amnesia before casting your votes. Remember why you are voting or not voting for the names listed on your ballot sheet!

4. Do not stand up for leaders who are racist, who a slanderous, who show no respect for the religious rights of others! And the silence that is accompanied by the main party these politicians are linked to! Silence is not an ANSWER!

5. Remember that 5th May is OUR DAY! Because MALAYSIA IS OURS!

Thank you BERSIH for the talk and thank you to the Fathers of the church of Visitation Seremban for their efforts in wanting the RAKYAT of Malaysia to know and execute their rights and obligations.

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