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Kids and Babies R Us

It really has been a long time since I visited Toys R Us.

The last was back when the outlet at Mid Valley was under renovation, if I'm not mistaken I think that was last December.

I must say the place looks much brighter now although there is nothing much to shout about when it comes to the collection of Toys in there.

However, I did come across a good collection of clothes in the 'Kids R Us' section and stumbled upon Heidi Klum's 'tRULY scrumptious' 'Babies R Us' items too. Since AJ's birthday is in a week's time, I decided to grab a few pieces of birthday outfits for him before leaving for our movie.

The price isn't too bad either. I got a two piece toddler suite for RM62 and single t-shirts for less than RM30 with an additional discount thanks to my STAR CARD. What I liked about it - they are a 100% cotton and the designs were funky and unique. I may sound bad when I say this, but I like to see my kids in clothes I don't see a 100 oth…

Iron Man 3

I finally made my way to watching Iron Man 3, 24 days after it premiered in Malaysia.

It's not easy making time to get to the cinemas with 3 kids not because of the kids, but finding the best timing in order to get a parking at the mall. Since it's the school holidays, yesterday was our treat to some super hero action for my kids and my treat to watching Robert Downey Jr.
(Honestly, if he acted like an ass, I would still love it, because it's him.. haha)

The movie itself was good. The plot was certainly interesting.

But if you know me, I review not about the architecture of the movie but the intrinsic values one can get out of spending hours in front of a screen.

I like how Stark started it by narrating that we make our own demons and takes us back to 1999.
To me this movie showed how Stark finally got his sky rocketing "ego" (which we know all successful men have) down to earth. He displayed his weakness, his fears, his emotions of love, his regrets and the fact…

The Apprentice Asia

The long anticipated show finally aired on AXN and watching Tony was both exciting and disturbing.

Exciting because IT'S TONY!
Disturbing because he is not DONALD TRUMP!

I got the chance to listen to Tony on Red FM yesterday afternoon and hearing him say that he rejected being part of Apprentice Asia for 2 years for the same disturbing reason, totally made sense.

Donald Trump is a business tycoon of his own definition and making Tony play the role of Donald just didn't seem right because they both are uniquely successful businessman, and it's not appropriate for Tony to act like Donald at all. Yes, Tony was asked to make this show as his, but it's The Apprentice! It's a synonym to DONALD TRUMP.

Anyway the show is made and yesterday's premier we distinctly saw the camera man focusing on Tony's firing finger. I must say the Apprentice that got fired looked as if he willingly led himself to the slaughter house!

What was Hendy Setiono even thinking? He kept be…


I was at Seremban Parade last Sunday and as I took the escalator down from the parking lot, I was surprised to see that 'Reject Shop' was closed at 11.30am and I made my way to reading why, only to choke on what I had read.

Ironic isn't it - Reject Shop gives us REJECT English! 
This is just one of the many I have encountered and I'm sure many of you have seen worse. I wonder if our Ministry of Education and Education Policy Makers know the mess they are brewing in their future generation's education because they sure as hell screwed many already. Oh! Should I beware for speaking so? I almost forgot - if I'm not happy with the current situation in this country of mine, I have to migrate, kan? 
Trust me, those who have migrated and soon to migrate are not at stake here. Malaysians are being taken for a good ride and made into an international joke. When your working group cannot communicate well in your official second language, it calls for a serious remedial …

10 Things A Mother-In-Law Should Not Say or Do To Her Daughter-In-Law

Mother-in-law for some, Monster-In-Law for many.
Here are my 10 things a MIL should not say and do to her DIL!

1. You don't ask her to go and see a doctor to find out if she is able to bare children in just 3 months of marriage and later when she's actually pregnant you ask her if she's sure of it.

2.  You don't scream at her and ask her "Your husband has a property but what does my girls have?" Since when is your DIL responsible for what your girls don't have especially when you are alive?

3. You don't tell her to lose weight or use a whitening lotion for her skin when she's perfectly fine and your son loves her the way she is.

4. You don't condemn your husband to her (and the
whole world) then expect her to wish you on your wedding anniversary!

5. You don't call her for a meal at your home and then question her for not being there to cook the meal. She has her own kitchen and could very well have cooked it there herself.

6. You don'…

A Lasting Effect

This morning I woke up with these words ringing in my head - A person may not seem horrible all the time but their horridness can affect you a lifetime. Likewise a good person's goodness can grow on you and bring you much happiness even if you had experienced it just once.

I used to worry and ask myself if things were going well, when is it all going to crumble? Then I was told that my negative thinking is altering my universe and drawing ill onto myself, of which I decided to stop such thoughts and honour the joyfulness that came with every passing day, and since I changed my mindset, I noticed how I did draw the right energy towards me by firstly hailing it in myself.

It's not easy to keep thinking positive over someone, especially if all you have experienced is pain and suffering and the person is completely unpredictable and malignant.

I believe as much as we want to draw a positive energy towards us, the person we expect to receive this energy from should consciously make…

The Enthusiasm from The Hour

With all that is going on in Malaysia with regards to post GE13, watching The Hour, enthusiastically drives my passion for the cry of freedom in journalism and speech, for true democracy and most of all what loyal citizens are meant and allowed to be - Passionate for the wellness of their country.  The show just falls right into context for what is happening around me now.

Malaysians fighting for change.
Fighting for freedom of speech.
Fighting for clean and fair elections.
Fighting against corruption.
Fighting for a true democracy where its citizens are supposed to be allowed to ask and question without being arrested and shouted at in the headlines of the media - WHAT MORE WE WANT?
Is that what we have become? Or have we always been this way?
With cyber world in our hand, only now we are truly seeing the "Supposed Democracy" we live in?
Why are the voices of those who care becoming such a  HUGE THREAT to those in power? Is it fair for politicians to condemn our rights and…

I've tried that thing called Kindness..

Experts always come up with ideas and solutions to problems faced by many, and in most issues people face with those who are negative and difficult is by advising to show kindness to our wrong doers and by that, change can be seen and enjoyed within a relationship.

Personally I have tried kindness and with some people, it just doesn't work.
The saying that kindness inspires kindness is not a common truth. It doesn't work with everyone. I have tried showing kindness to those who hurt me, they just hurt me the same if not more. I have tried giving them a taste of their own medicine, it sure feels good at that moment but in the long run, it gets internally exhausting (I believe this happens to those who aren't built to be a narcissist). 
If showing kindness to someone doesn't solve a problem, then I honestly believe they don't deserve you in their life at all. There are many out there, who even if you had to drop all the things you're doing just to see them throug…

Oh My English and Lawson

Doesn't Oh My English! The TV series aired on Astro TVIQ, remind you of Mind Your Language? The approach taken to help viewers improvised their language skills (especially in speech) is very effective. When you are shown on how to apply language in daily use, especially when comic and humour is involved, viewers grasp it better and they actually remember it much effectively too. My children, although they are already good in English, enjoys this show very much and for me after watching Season 1 and now Season 2, I must say, it's pretty hilarious.

To add, I'm impressed with the advertisements made for Oh My English (OME)! Their short yet powerful advertisements that grants viewers an insightful education in just 1minute. Try watching this and see how much a kid can benefit out of it? This is definitely a fantastic way to Teach English! Well done Oh My English!

I believe OME has penetrated into the minds of many Malaysians, because these days when any of us make a grammatica…

Putting Power Into Passion

Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, just harness youpower to your passion. -Oprah

The power of passion is a remarkable thing. It can move a mountain if you put your mind and heart to it. Everyone thinks it is important to be in life's fast lane. To achieve what others are achieving or more, to fulfil the expectations of the world and to be obliged to the needs of everyone forgetting that within us ourselves lies a pasture that needs to be attended to. Your own visions for yourself.

We have seen how when someone decides to put away their career and pay attention to their dreams (yes often our career at hand never was our dream, it just happened by chance or to fulfil the ambitions of our parents), people around them think they are crazy and might pull them down with their words of concerns.

 Not many people who are close to you will understand the passion that burns within you because they do not share the same aspirations as you but that doesn't mean you s…

JUST NOODLE @ Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2

If you are looking for a noodle shop that screams noodles.. this is it!
Just Noodle at Seremban 2 Uptown Avenue has it all from Udon Noodles to Pan Mee, Wanton Noodles and many more served with chicken, seafood and meat. They also have a variety of soup and fried dumplings.
I'd recommend this shop anytime for casual dining or celebration as we did yesterday for Mother's Day because of the following:
- Great Chinese Noodles that is displayed in a very friendly menu
- Nice choices of drinks from water to smoothies
- Clean, child friendly, dinning area with a lovely interior
- Fast service
- Decent food portions
- Yummy tasting soups
- Affordable price range
- Smart waiters who don't place hot food and drinks right in front of small kids
- and most of all a superbly clean washroom!

So if you are looking for a good place to eat with your family in Seremban 2, especially if Jusco is packed, head yourself here and enjoy the delights of their food with their gorgeous wallpaper of …

V.O.E Quotes Joyce Meyer


Inspiring Women Who Changed Our World

There are many we personally know who have inspired us in ways we cannot begin to explain and somehow these are the women who may not be famous in the face of the earth but are simply famous in the depths of our hearts.

The list goes from mothers to aunts, school teachers and religious educators, personal coaches and at times even people who are younger to us, daughters, nieces, granddaughters or girls that we have no blood connection with but inspires us to exercise our existence as a GIFT.

With mother's day just around the corner, let us ponder on the women who have inspired change in our lives and lift up a thought of gratitude or prayer for their footprints imprinted alongside ours.

The women who have inspired me and changed my world are:
1. My MUM (don't tell me it's cliche okay not everybody says mum in their list)
2. My form 6 Discipline teacher (no I didn't have a disciplinary problem) who was my mentor through my involvement with ACS' PRS (Pembimbing Rakan…


Writing a blog serves many purpose and today I rediscovering an amazing one, and it's GROWING UP! I read a few of my older post dated back in 2008, my grumbles and rantings, and I realised, I have grown a lot because, reading those post, I now wonder, why on earth I even bothered being bothered over those patty stuff? The situations I faced in life back then were hilarious and if I had to go through them again, I certainly would take a different, more mature approach to handling it.

It's nice isn't it? To know as the years go by, you are actually getting wiser more composed, calmer and what’s more prominent is that, now you are able to say GO TO HELL/ FORGET IT LA! and move on with the more important things in life.

Ok I'm sure many of you have come across this on Facebook.
It got me seriously thinking, why they had to chose those 2 options?
Don't you think so?
Forgetting and …

Healthy Snacks After School

If you look around most schools, you’d see stalls set up outside the school gate selling goodies and snacks for students and parents to purchase and consume while waiting for transport back home, or while waiting for your kids to come out of school.

Most often, these stalls sell junk food and fizzy drinks probably because these sort of items attract buyers very easily and have a long shelf life.

Yesterday, at my daughter’s school, I noticed a new vendor.
This lady had cut fruits and fruit juices along with a really neat ice-cream vending machine (like those you see in McDonald’s) and she attracted a good crowd to her portable stall when school dismissed. Well I too went over and got myself some cut watermelons and guavas.

I was so pleased to see how she offered to sell items that are healthy (well ice-creams can be healthy too if you consume it moderately) and best of all, how many actually bought from her. This was certainly a responsible vendor and those who bought from her deserve …

Post GE Lesson: Saying NO to Racism

What’s with all the RUCKUS and CHILDISH behaviour? You of all people should know what DEMOCRACY means. Aren’t the RAKYAT allowed to vote for whom they want? Oh ya kan, forgot that 505 was just an international DRAMA MINGGU INI (weekly soap opera) or better yet a charade played by SPR! Now it’s time to put on a show to tell the world how ungrateful the citizens are especially the Chinese instead of admitting and agreeing to doing better?
Such a typical NARCISSISTIC trait isn’t it?
BN has won, but because they lost the popular votes, they are taking the SORE LOSER role now and making it into a racist issue. All this sure looks like an admission to their victory not being victorious isn’t it? Told you the face on 605 said it all! If only those phantom voters were allowed to vote, someone would probably be the happiest PM right now and might even say his 1Malaysia policy is by far the best and act like a SORE WINNER to countries that are fighting to keep up with racial unity, don’t you thin…

Stop Provoking!

If only the government listened to the RAKYAT they will know that many Chinese are not against BN on the whole but against MCA. I spoke to a few locals here and most of them say, “what’s the point of voting for a BN-MCA Candidate who never did anything in our area and let him continue for another term to do nothing?” and the same time many have rejected a Pakatan leader here and voted for a BN-MIC candidate on the grounds that the former didn’t show his face after he got his place in the Parliament. It is unfortunate for BN to have lost their votes like that. So what should be done is to work towards getting candidates that are fit for the job not Candidates to fill the slot. Isn’t it?

Newspapers must know that people react literally to what you write, unless this is their intentional action, don’t taint the value of Journalism by unethically throwing headlines that can cause chaos. Instead of provoking racial tensions through the mainstream media, how about diplomatically working on…

Don’t Be A Corrupted Crusader

Anyone with a deep respect for MORAL VALUES will own a RIGHT MIND to have all these fraudulence in GE13 be questioned with an expectation of a VALID ANSWER! Those who do this aren’t SORE LOSERS - It’s called COMMON SENSE!

I’m not going to bother asking the question of his common sense again. I’ve concluded that some, in fact many, don’t have the gift of COMMON SENSE!

How does one, choose to be oblivious to what is happening around them? Yesterday I read an FB post by an apparently well known philanthropist from Johor who stated how we need to move on with our lives as there are more important things to do than to be bothered by the politics that has already been mandated.


I didn’t know being a citizen of a country meant you should be oblivious to what’s happening in your own land, only enjoy the goodness of it and shut your eyes, mouth and ears to the bad and wrong! I believe every Malaysian went back to work, school and their respective obligations on the 6th of May, but why …

A Victory That Isn’t So Victorious?

The ruling government of Malaysia has won another term - So Congratulations Barisan Nasional!

As much as I wished it wasn’t, I’m glad that we, the people of CHANGE are getting there and are on the right track as statistically the opposition party in Malaysia is getting stronger. Looking at the turn out of yesterday’s GE13, 13.26 million registered voters came out to vote which is the highest in the history of all Malaysian General Elections (GE). This to me was a sign of people seeking for justice and truth. I stood in line for 2hours yesterday to cast my vote as compared to the last GE where I went in and out in less than 15minutes at the same polling centre. The atmosphere was great, people were energised to see a change take place and most of all, everyone elected themselves as watch dogs to the rumours and stories of dirty politics that was anticipated to happen.

As much as all that info above is already know by most of you, what I want to highlight here is what I noticed in the f…

GE13: Good Vs Evil

In just a few hours, many Malaysians look forward to see a hopeful historical change unfold before them. Will clean and fair elections be seen this time around? Or is the devil going to win over good again? Anyway, I must say that my vote tomorrow for CHANGE is especially dedicated to my mum, dad and my dearest brother Richard! I know how much they wanted to see a change in the system, so win or lose, my vote goes for what they 3 believed in which is what I believe in too. God bless Malaysia and may Eternal Rest be upon my dearly missed family.