May 21, 2013

10 Things A Mother-In-Law Should Not Say or Do To Her Daughter-In-Law


Mother-in-law for some, Monster-In-Law for many.
Here are my 10 things a MIL should not say and do to her DIL!

1. You don't ask her to go and see a doctor to find out if she is able to bare children in just 3 months of marriage and later when she's actually pregnant you ask her if she's sure of it.

2.  You don't scream at her and ask her "Your husband has a property but what does my girls have?" Since when is your DIL responsible for what your girls don't have especially when you are alive?

3. You don't tell her to lose weight or use a whitening lotion for her skin when she's perfectly fine and your son loves her the way she is.

4. You don't condemn your husband to her (and the
whole world) then expect her to wish you on your wedding anniversary!

5. You don't call her for a meal at your home and then question her for not being there to cook the meal. She has her own kitchen and could very well have cooked it there herself.

6. You don't have her as a visitor in your house and complain about how you are made to be a maid to cook for your own children.

7. You don't brag about your delivery pain when friends and neighbours come over to visit your daughter-in-law after child birth, dismissing entirely the trauma she had just gone through.

8. You don't discuss your sex life with her, it's utterly disgusting!

9. You don't sit in her house and gossip about her husband. You deserve a slap for calling yourself his mother!

10. You don't write trash or make phone calls filled with false accusations about her to her husband and ask him to decide what he should do.

I could actually go further than 10 but I think this list is good for now, you might just collapse if you had to read more and ask yourself "Didn't Hitler die already?"

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