May 21, 2013

A Lasting Effect

This morning I woke up with these words ringing in my head - A person may not seem horrible all the time but their horridness can affect you a lifetime. Likewise a good person's goodness can grow on you and bring you much happiness even if you had experienced it just once.

I used to worry and ask myself if things were going well, when is it all going to crumble? Then I was told that my negative thinking is altering my universe and drawing ill onto myself, of which I decided to stop such thoughts and honour the joyfulness that came with every passing day, and since I changed my mindset, I noticed how I did draw the right energy towards me by firstly hailing it in myself.

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It's not easy to keep thinking positive over someone, especially if all you have experienced is pain and suffering and the person is completely unpredictable and malignant.

I believe as much as we want to draw a positive energy towards us, the person we expect to receive this energy from should consciously make an effort to do the same which means we need to sit down and talk about the issues faced. We would need to step out of the picture and analyse what we are going through to decide what approach is best.  It's not easy to continue living in a relationship that kills you emotionally especially when the stabbing doesn't even have to happen all the time.

The person causing it, may or may not do it intentionally but the pain is painful and addressing it will heal you and spare you more pain. To those who don't stop even after addressing, they simply doesn't deserve to have you. You were not born be the punching bag to their insecurities.

Of course forgiving someone's wrong doing, is the most religious thing to do of which many of us, have forgiven countless times and even forgotten right after only to be reminded again in less than the expected time.

I decided after a decade of tolerating and forgiving, that I don't need this shit anymore and if the people around me don't approve of it or think I should act otherwise can decide for themselves if they too would like to be in the list of people I want to have nothing to do with anymore, as I want to move ahead in my life and leave the pain behind and in order to do that, the people causing the pain should either stop doing so, or in my case be thrown overboard!

I'm not GOD!
He said to forgive 70 times 7, and if I had to take that Mathematically, I think I have passed my quota. My last forgiving to these persons comes with the "Go to Jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200" Monopoly card. That's the effect of what they've done!

I may never be completely healed from the scars they've put on me, but I should pat myself on my back and say, "Well done" for putting a FULLSTOP to more wounds and enjoy the presence of the people who are sailing in the same direction for happiness.

All those painful statements, gossips, ill treatments, lies and manipulation can finally be put to an end by ending your ties with such people, and that lasting effect should work as a reminder not to do the same to others.

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