May 6, 2013

A Victory That Isn’t So Victorious?

The ruling government of Malaysia has won another term - So Congratulations Barisan Nasional!

NST front page (6thMay2013)
As much as I wished it wasn’t, I’m glad that we, the people of CHANGE are getting there and are on the right track as statistically the opposition party in Malaysia is getting stronger. Looking at the turn out of yesterday’s GE13, 13.26 million registered voters came out to vote which is the highest in the history of all Malaysian General Elections (GE). This to me was a sign of people seeking for justice and truth. I stood in line for 2hours yesterday to cast my vote as compared to the last GE where I went in and out in less than 15minutes at the same polling centre. The atmosphere was great, people were energised to see a change take place and most of all, everyone elected themselves as watch dogs to the rumours and stories of dirty politics that was anticipated to happen.

As much as all that info above is already know by most of you, what I want to highlight here is what I noticed in the faces of the winners - Najib and his fellow ministers, at their victory speech event at PWTC early this morning. I know a sleepy face from a freaked out one and theirs were definitely the later. It all seems like a victory that wasn’t so victorious. Could it be because they stood the highest chance of a loss to PKR in 4 states but miraculously won through a recount that happened after a black out? Or was it because they won with much evidence of dirty politics in the hands of most of their Rakyat which is going viral on every social media platform (and I believe will do so for the next couple of weeks)?

Extracted from Kosmo!
Kosmo papers and many others calling this GE13 as a 'Chinese Tsunami’ which evidently still made BN in power, then quoting Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam (The Chief Minister of Melaka who lost his Parliamentary seat at Bukit Katil) who said he was disappointed that this elections weren’t in the best favour of BN and that all this proves that the Chinese are ungrateful towards all that the government has done for them; is by far the lamest statements anyone can make. Then again, I stand corrected, the last few weeks Malaysia has seen more than enough stupid lame comments flowing out of the mouth of our political leaders who are once again elected to run this country of ours.

Now BN is in worry about racial polarisation? He calls for reconciliation? Najib claims much work needs to be done to reduce this or else Malaysia will not continue to enjoy the peace and stability it is enjoying now.

Who’s to be blamed??

We know it’s part of his 1Malaysia plan to see the racial polarisation diminish but hasn’t he heard about LEADING THROUGH EXAMPLE?

There is no point in blabbering 1Malaysia when you, Najib, as the head of your administration failed to punish your ministers for their racists and pro-polarisation talks.

There is no point in your ministers asking us to spend BBR1M WISELY while your wife is caught shopping like a MAD CAT on foreign streets, and seeing your ministers drive cars and live in mansions that contradicts their pay cheques!

A simple request we parents are asking for - MAKE MATH AND SCIENCE IN ENGLISH AGAIN (PPSMI)! Have you even cared to justify why you had it changed in 2011 when it was supposed to be only in 2012? Or did I miss that news? You treated us parents like mere dogs when you threw such disrespectful decisions upon us and take no consideration to give us what we the RAKYAT want but you want our VOTES so that you can have your next 5 years pay cheques to be secured? At that point you didn’t work as our SERVANTS but as LORDS! which you will still continue to do because Malaysians have elected you to continue your LORD LEGACY or was it the Indons and Banglas who stole the elections from us through your gold plated election commission?

Why are the CHINESE not in favour of you? Why should they? Have you given them a reason to want you in power? What was the reason for all those students whom you failed to give a place in the UNIVERSITIES for the COURSES THE APPLIED FOR deemed worthy to their EXAMINATION RESULTS? Don’t ask me why Indians voted for you. I hope its not because you gave them a bag of rice and money that made them think you’re the rightful THALEVAR, cause MIC sure as hell isn't  doing anything for the Indians especially if they are Christian Indians.

Are all these questions and many more against your BUMIPUTERA / Malay right? I don’t think so NAJIB! These questions are questions rightful to be asked because we are in your own context 1MALAYSIA!

So back to the question of who to be blamed, I believe it’s clear that the ones that are to be blamed for your aspirations not being achieved is YOU and your pretentious ministers who failed to uphold your own 1Malaysia policy and for God’s sake please stop acting so surprised!

It’s no HAKUNA MATATA for BN, I must say and I sure would like to see Najib and his ministers taking the public transport to work more often or all of them should be nominated for BEST ACTOR Award in the next OSCARS!

BN may have won the elections, but too much of their dirty tricks are out of the hat and caught by the Rakyat. Either they act accordingly to their manifestos or come up with dirtier tricks for GE14 if they want to still have more terms. You just got lucky this time and you know you really didn’t win - your face this morning said it all!!

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