May 7, 2013

Don’t Be A Corrupted Crusader

Anyone with a deep respect for MORAL VALUES will own a RIGHT MIND to have all these fraudulence in GE13 be questioned with an expectation of a VALID ANSWER! Those who do this aren’t SORE LOSERS - It’s called COMMON SENSE!

Source: Yahoo! Malaysia

I’m not going to bother asking the question of his common sense again. I’ve concluded that some, in fact many, don’t have the gift of COMMON SENSE!

How does one, choose to be oblivious to what is happening around them? Yesterday I read an FB post by an apparently well known philanthropist from Johor who stated how we need to move on with our lives as there are more important things to do than to be bothered by the politics that has already been mandated.


I didn’t know being a citizen of a country meant you should be oblivious to what’s happening in your own land, only enjoy the goodness of it and shut your eyes, mouth and ears to the bad and wrong! I believe every Malaysian went back to work, school and their respective obligations on the 6th of May, but why should they forget and let to rest what had taken place on the 5th? Was she suggesting us to ignore the political fraudulence of the GE13 and to look at our leaders as a separate entity? Yes, life goes on despite the election results but we cannot ignore what’s happening in our backyard can we? It’s easy for many to say not to be bitter or bothered by what happened on the 5th of May, but to many others it matters. I believe a little multi-tasking is required if you asked me. You do what you do to live and see others live and at the same time you watch your lawn which in this case is your GOVERNMENT! It’s not a SEPARATE ENTITY!

You don’t tell those who care to stop caring. You don’t tell those who spent their hours at the polling queue, and those who spent thousands on flight tickets and hours on the road driving back to their hometowns to go on with their lives and let this be! Malaysia didn’t cripple by being bothered over the cheating of the last elections, came Monday. What’s crippled is the way many think this is not important and to see it as over and done with!

You are what you eat they say, then could I say politically, you are what you vote?
Ideologies may be different amongst each and every Malaysian, and our fights may vary a lot too. For me and many of the mother I know, care greatly about our education system and how the current standards are at an insulting state that those with money can always resort to Private or International School but why should we be resorting to something that will cost our pockets which subsequently goes to the government as education tax? The government takes our money and gives dirt back to the RAKYAT? Are we supposed to be GRATEFUL FOR THIS and stay silent when we see corrupted leaders get back into power? There are so many other matters that cause a pressing concern which I don’t think I need to list out here as most Malaysians already know what they are.

A simple analogy will be this la! If your house got robbed, will you tell yourself “leave it be, what’s done is done," and go off to work not thinking about what you should do to the perpetrator or ways to solve the issue that caused the crime? No right?! You go to the polis and file a report, and wait for the authorities to call you back to give you and update on the case and while that happens you have to look into repairing the damages caused by the robber. Isn’t all this work? You can’t ignore it can you? What more when it’s a NATIONAL ROBERY?

People will post about what they saw personally and what others have seen over the social media, talk about it at the pantry of their office or while taking an evening walk with their neighbours. People will not stop till answers are given. Whether you voted for PKR or BN, a fraud is a fraud and if you valued MORALITY and have a little bit of dignity, you will not stay silent. No I don’t mean you should go rioting but a mature rational minded human will expect answers to what they are seeing from others or personally and all this answers must come or else we are nothing but puppets in this land. We should not allow EC to insult us this way. Let’s get the truth out. Let’s find out who is behind all this and put an end to it!

If you think you can’t do anything to change what has happened, think again! You could always go light the candle at your altar, or incense or open your prayer mats and PRAY! Pray that God gives courage and wisdom to the leaders who are fighting for the answers. PRAY that we are not robbed off our rights and given away on a silver platter to illegal immigrants. PRAY that our children will have a hopeful future by firstly having HOPEFUL LEADERS and if you think you don’t or can't do this, then you are nothing but a CORRUPTED CRUSADER yourself because this sort of ignorance is not bliss.

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