May 9, 2013


Writing a blog serves many purpose and today I rediscovering an amazing one, and it's GROWING UP! I read a few of my older post dated back in 2008, my grumbles and rantings, and I realised, I have grown a lot because, reading those post, I now wonder, why on earth I even bothered being bothered over those patty stuff? The situations I faced in life back then were hilarious and if I had to go through them again, I certainly would take a different, more mature approach to handling it.

It's nice isn't it? To know as the years go by, you are actually getting wiser more composed, calmer and what’s more prominent is that, now you are able to say GO TO HELL/ FORGET IT LA! and move on with the more important things in life.

Source : Facebook

Ok I'm sure many of you have come across this on Facebook.
It got me seriously thinking, why they had to chose those 2 options?
Don't you think so?
Forgetting and running is like being a hoarder actually. You keep piling the junk around you, which you think is being kept away (defines running) and one fine day you end up with no more space to move.

Actually what you need to do when you face FEAR is FORGET IT first and RELAX. Take time to breath, clear your mind, and then FEAR again, yes.. FACE EVERYTHING AND RECOVER - FEAR! Experts always say one is able to comprehend and evaluate better when they are relaxed, and out of experience I must say that it is absolutely true.

Therefore FEAR doesn't have to have an "or" in between 2 meanings of an acronym. Instead replace it with "THEN" and head on to the second part. By the time you complete the steps.. you can put on your running shoe and get into an aerobic state. The oxygen to your brain will be good for the next time you face FEAR.

So what does FEAR have to do with growing up? Well, everything I guess.
For one, we wouldn't be able to look at it in this angle now, would we?

I actually made a typo error in my 2nd paragraph and instead of WISER the word spelled WIDER.. LOL! Well no, I’m not getting wider, I hope. Now where's that weighing scale of mine??? Hahah

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