May 9, 2013

Healthy Snacks After School

If you look around most schools, you’d see stalls set up outside the school gate selling goodies and snacks for students and parents to purchase and consume while waiting for transport back home, or while waiting for your kids to come out of school.

Most often, these stalls sell junk food and fizzy drinks probably because these sort of items attract buyers very easily and have a long shelf life.

Yesterday, at my daughter’s school, I noticed a new vendor.
This lady had cut fruits and fruit juices along with a really neat ice-cream vending machine (like those you see in McDonald’s) and she attracted a good crowd to her portable stall when school dismissed. Well I too went over and got myself some cut watermelons and guavas.

I was so pleased to see how she offered to sell items that are healthy (well ice-creams can be healthy too if you consume it moderately) and best of all, how many actually bought from her. This was certainly a responsible vendor and those who bought from her deserve a High-5! for consciously choosing what is good for them.

It’s not always you see people choosing the right things for themselves nor do you find vendors who consider selling goods by prioritising health.

Look at how, when a given a choice children with good health awareness and education, would go for what is right and look away from all those junk food.

Malaysia can definitely use more vendors like this.

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