May 28, 2013

Iron Man 3

I finally made my way to watching Iron Man 3, 24 days after it premiered in Malaysia.

It's not easy making time to get to the cinemas with 3 kids not because of the kids, but finding the best timing in order to get a parking at the mall. Since it's the school holidays, yesterday was our treat to some super hero action for my kids and my treat to watching Robert Downey Jr.
(Honestly, if he acted like an ass, I would still love it, because it's him.. haha)

The movie itself was good. The plot was certainly interesting.

But if you know me, I review not about the architecture of the movie but the intrinsic values one can get out of spending hours in front of a screen.

I like how Stark started it by narrating that we make our own demons and takes us back to 1999.
To me this movie showed how Stark finally got his sky rocketing "ego" (which we know all successful men have) down to earth. He displayed his weakness, his fears, his emotions of love, his regrets and the fact that a man especially if he has achieved greatly, cannot just sit around doing nothing.
Stark was finally "NORMAL" but nevertheless the brainiac superhero - The Mechanic.

It's interesting how the ordinary characters played a significant role in his Stark's performance this time, such as Harley Keener, who comes to his aid and to me that showed a real life picture of how sometimes, a child's innocence can bring the best out of an adult, their unclouded mind helps put perspective in a grown up's brain.

The hidden humour of course was brilliant, and as always you don't get many laughing to them in the cinema, I guess that's why I say it's brilliant.

Oh and seeing Ben Kingsley - I tell you that man can sure take on a role. He's simply amazing. Who would have thought, after seeing his video threats, that the actual him was a complete scam? Ben Kingsley really is a multi faceted actor.

Well, overall, watching Iron Man was hot, 3000 degrees hot? May be! The movie was more than just superhero action to me, fiction it may be but it carried a lot of message about men, the dangers of being a power crazy and egocentric man, as well as the beauty of loyalty to a woman - picking up a hobby that involves building machines and not tripping over other ladies. However, superficially, what it was most of all was a wonderful treat to the eyes!

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