May 20, 2013

I've tried that thing called Kindness..

Experts always come up with ideas and solutions to problems faced by many, and in most issues people face with those who are negative and difficult is by advising to show kindness to our wrong doers and by that, change can be seen and enjoyed within a relationship.

Personally I have tried kindness and with some people, it just doesn't work.
The saying that kindness inspires kindness is not a common truth. It doesn't work with everyone.
I have tried showing kindness to those who hurt me, they just hurt me the same if not more.
I have tried giving them a taste of their own medicine, it sure feels good at that moment but in the long run, it gets internally exhausting (I believe this happens to those who aren't built to be a narcissist). 

If showing kindness to someone doesn't solve a problem, then I honestly believe they don't deserve you in their life at all. There are many out there, who even if you had to drop all the things you're doing just to see them through their problem, would never think twice to bitch behind your back. It's as if they need to constantly bicker about you no matter how much good you do for them, even though no one else but you are showing them such charity and kindness. 

A pathologically ungrateful person is what I term such people.
It has to be isn't it? What else explains how someone can take all from you and bitch behind you, creating stories that never happened and spreading them around? Totally ignoring one bit of gratitude to having you in their life and your kindness is taken for granted?

How would you go on in a relationship with such a person knowing the kind of things they speak behind your back? If you had to inquire on what the gossips, they fight with you and explode their crap even more on you, and the best part of all would be they coming back into your life pretending nothing happened, not even acknowledging the issue nor asking for forgiveness. They suddenly behave as if it's your obligation to accept them into your life so that they can do pollute you again. 

Well, I know for sure, when kindness doesn't solve the problem, ignorance to their entire existence will certainly bring bliss. I decided that if a person cannot show me a little bit of respect for my efforts, and constantly hangs on to their need to stab me behind my back and play martyr to the rest of the world, then I should decide not to have anything to do with such a person any more. 

I guess that's the least you could do for yourself - cut of the cancerous growth that hangs on you and be free of it!

No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted? Well sadly, on some it absolutely is! 

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