May 13, 2013

JUST NOODLE @ Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2

If you are looking for a noodle shop that screams noodles.. this is it!
Just Noodle at Seremban 2 Uptown Avenue has it all from Udon Noodles to Pan Mee, Wanton Noodles and many more served with chicken, seafood and meat. They also have a variety of soup and fried dumplings.
I'd recommend this shop anytime for casual dining or celebration as we did yesterday for Mother's Day because of the following:
- Great Chinese Noodles that is displayed in a very friendly menu
- Nice choices of drinks from water to smoothies
- Clean, child friendly, dinning area with a lovely interior
- Fast service
- Decent food portions
- Yummy tasting soups
- Affordable price range
- Smart waiters who don't place hot food and drinks right in front of small kids
- and most of all a superbly clean washroom!

So if you are looking for a good place to eat with your family in Seremban 2, especially if Jusco is packed, head yourself here and enjoy the delights of their food with their gorgeous wallpaper of chinese bowls and bowl lamp shades.

It was my first time there last Sunday, I loved it and so did my family!

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