May 28, 2013

Kids and Babies R Us

It really has been a long time since I visited Toys R Us.

The last was back when the outlet at Mid Valley was under renovation, if I'm not mistaken I think that was last December.

I must say the place looks much brighter now although there is nothing much to shout about when it comes to the collection of Toys in there.

However, I did come across a good collection of clothes in the 'Kids R Us' section and stumbled upon Heidi Klum's 'tRULY scrumptious' 'Babies R Us' items too. Since AJ's birthday is in a week's time, I decided to grab a few pieces of birthday outfits for him before leaving for our movie.

The price isn't too bad either. I got a two piece toddler suite for RM62 and single t-shirts for less than RM30 with an additional discount thanks to my STAR CARD. What I liked about it - they are a 100% cotton and the designs were funky and unique. I may sound bad when I say this, but I like to see my kids in clothes I don't see a 100 other kids in (I try at least), but I'm not a BRANDED-MANIA mummy either. I did not go for Heidi's collection because I found them overpriced. I certainly don't need to pay her royalty to dress my kids up, but I did coincidentally get one item of hers which I only realised now it's hers; the Girl's Stripe Sun Hat which was on a 50% promotion. I fell in love immediately with this hat and just had to get it for Belle because it reminded me of a hat I had when I was 5.

Besides getting AJ his drum set which he's banging away right now and the Medieval Sword CJ has been asking me for because AJ took full ownership of his old one, I'm glad I got to buy off AJ's birthday clothes and I would recommend 'Kids R Us' to mummies who are looking for some pretty neat stuff for kids up to age 5 especially mum's who are bored of JUSCO clothes.

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